The Official Unofficial First Post

Hey there Millennial babies! It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally here.

Here? Where is here, exactly? I know it’s a lot to take in, but look around honey bunches of oats! We’re here. Online. In your face. Shouting “Hey morning dew! The moon and stars say hello!” (cue applause or awkward side glances. You decide).

We all know what it’s like to be a certain age, a certain number transfixed in time. People will give you the grand synopsis you’ve practically engraved on your cranium by now about how “You’re wasting your youth. You know back in my day we…[insert long drawn out story that isn’t always interesting and leaves you wanting to blow bubbles in a glass of milk somewhere.]”

In reality, we’re all sort of manic. We’re 20 – 29 for goodness sake! Those numbers and that dash says a lot. It’s filled with wondering why the hell I’m still here, what’s my purpose, to have sex or to not have sex, etc. I mean, I practically almost threw my computer on the ground trying to figure out how to change the site title just now. And that took all of 5 minutes to go through several emotions. You get the picture, though. The list goes on about our troubles, both big and small.

And you would think that there is this awesome how-to out there; a little go-to guide and not one written by your great-great-great-great-great aunt Jody Ann Steen (if you really have a great aunt to the 5th that goes by this name, this is coincidental). Not that aunt Jody wasn’t 20, once upon a several decades ago, but you were born in a different time. Some principles have stayed the same, but how to play this game has gotten a whole lot different. We’re on that PS4 level wireless controller with the pretty colors and vibrating action, not an Atari or Sega Genesis controller that has 2 buttons; one to jump and one to shoot.

There’s a method to this thing. There’s a series of buttons we have to learn to rig and jig to so we can go all street fighter on life. And the intense thing is, it’s unique for each us and our situations. I might know how to handle wearing spandex in public while you are really great at making sunglasses that don’t make your face too big. We’ve been blessed with each other and our vastly different lives. Because although there are big and small troubles, there are big and small solutions.

So, I propose this. That we fudge up together. We cry and laugh and scream and spit and rave out! We’ll shout “What the french toast?” from the hilltops, we’ll travel and we might go broke doing it, but we’ll learn…together.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Or is it wild horses? Furbies? Pretty sure it’s a child. They never did say millennial, but we’ll stick that in there on good faith because whoever said we don’t appreciate free rent and utilities, to include 3 to 8 meals (plus snacks) clearly wasn’t thinking about our overall wellbeing and ability to be extremely grateful.

They may think we’re a group of village idiots or the blind teaching the blind. But they don’t roll how we do, they don’t see the world how we see it right now. They’re not banded together by smartphones, tablets, and social media pages. We are and that can be used to do some great. And maybe, just maybe, we can turn these rather tedious and random moments in our lives into something stupendous for the next batch of bonker toads who’ll one day be us, looking around for a Mario map to tell them which way to go and how to get there. It’ll be our own little millennial mania.



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