Night Time Boredom Woes

For the love of all that is sweet and full of chocolate.

It’s 9:13PM at night and the binging of Animaniacs has begun. It actually started several hours ago while I was working, but now that my mind has to settle, it’s like pulling teeth to relax.

I’m sure this feeling is the pre-reqs for a food binge, leading to a food coma, and then a bout of self pity over how much weight I probably gained. Therefore, something must be done.

I’m sure you’ve felt the same. It’s late and on a Saturday. Your friends aren’t available (or like your friendly introvert millennial, Kiera, you don’t have enough friends for it to matter) and you’re twiddling your thumbs, watching Netflix, and shamelessly smelling your farts under the cover. Thoughts trickle through about how, ‘I am so bored. Has my life always been this boring? Where did the fun me go? I used to be up at 1 in the morning taking a run around campus, flirting with guys. Now I’m checking in at 9PM.’

So what do you do?

There’s a couple of options. Several in fact, I’ve used. Below is a list of some things to do while you wait for sleep to come. You can do this with friends, your hot significant other, but essentially these are to pop you out of the pity ditch you probably spent 2 minutes digging and filling up with your tears.

Enjoy this late night millennial mania and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

  1. Paint or do something creative. Preferably standing up. A night sitting down gets your body prepped to relax and then off to bear slumber. You don’t want to be in mid-paint mode falling asleep. You’ll end up with your nose in the paint. Want to jazz this step up? I’ve done nighttime painting in just my undies, with a snazzy pandora mix, and a cup of some really good tea. I stayed up for quite some time…like until 6 the next morning, but that also included some friend shenanigans.
  2. Act out a book, magazine, a love letter, or your old diary entries. Take a moment to get into those books that are sitting around somewhere and then guess what…get up and act it out, with or without your friends. Put on a goofy voice for each character. Have no shame. You could end up finding your calling. (Make sure you give me a little credit when you make it big, bro. Just kidding…or am I?)
  3. Watch Netflix, Hulu, or some other streaming service while doing an exercise (squat challenge, anyone?) or write out a script using on your favorite movie storylines.
  4. Be productive. First thoughts are booorrring. But, do you see anything you would like to get done right now? Do a quick clean or better yet, bust some suds and clean the dishes. You remember that paper that’s due in two hours? You probably should have been doing that. But no judgement. Just get it done. Being productive sounds terribly grown up, but you aren’t doing much now, anyway. So, get this done and you won’t feel burdened with it during the day.
  5. Have your friends come over. You think you’re the only one looming in your room like a lonely kitten? How selfish of you! Your friends are about your age or somewhere fairly close. They probably are feeling bored or are trying to think of ideas to get into late at night, too. Text them, give them a call, poke them on facebook. If no answer, you know you tried, but if they do answer, you’ve got some fun times ahead. (Like going to Jack in the Crack for some tea and driving through the drive thru several times for multiple forgotten orders. I know. We have our moments.)
  6. Paint your nails. Or repaint them. Your nails shouldn’t have to look like you crawled out of a grave 10 minutes ago. And don’t go doing this for anyone, but you. If you’re low maintenance kinda person like myself or tend to mess up the nails within the week, do a simple, one shade color that could match the season or your mood (white, silver, black, pink, turquoise, orange, etc). You’ll probably end up dressing the way the weather treats you, and different seasons bring different color swatches. Fall and winter are more earth tones and darks with spring and summer calling for more upbeat pops of shazam.
  7. Get up and dance! If you have roommates or live in an apartment complex, this might not be the best thing at night. But for those 10 seconds before the buzzkillers wake up and smack you for peace, dance like your heart’s got wings, like your feet just got licked by a pixie lizard. Ain’t no shame in this dance game.

Now, we’ve gone through some ideas, but you may have a few you think should be shamelessly added. And that’s what we’re here for. So try a few ideas above and then tell us about that experience. Did it help or make it worse? And if you’ve already conquered the boredom before bed, then by all means, tell us about it, you millennial braniac and add to the mania!



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