Nighty Nighty Face Time

Home sweet home!

Finally, we’re able to kick off our shoes and socks, strip down to our knickers, and fall flat on our beds! Can I get an amen?

Before you go to sleep and get comfy with your bunny slippers and birthday suit, make sure you wash that gunk off your face.

During the day you get dirt, grime, oil, that butter spread that was on your bagel, etc…stuck to your face like flies on dookie. And we don’t want that, or the mental image, so let’s go to the bathroom and get down to detoxing our faces and shedding our proverbial skin for a brand new start.

General Routine

Affirm First, we’re not gonna wash that bad boy. You’re going to take a moment, and tell yourself how awesome you look. Don’t get cocky, but know that you’re amazing. We know you may have had a tough day, and if no one else knows it, you better. You’re amazing. Say it with me, I…Am…Amazing.

Wash After our affirmation, we’re going to wash our face. Typically, I’ll grab my favorite wash, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap, in any one of the scents they come in (I like peppermint and rose a lot). I’ll place two or three drops on my hands or on a wash cloth and with some warm to hot water, I’ll wash my face.

Do a circular motion washing up into the pores. The way they sit, it’s almost like shingles on a house. You have to scrub under those shingles to make sure they get clean and free of debris. Don’t scrub and scrape harshly. Treat your face like fine china, or your new car. If you scrub hard (until it’s red or like you’re trying to scratch a cat), you’ll leave scars, your face will be dry and itchy, and may even start to peel the next day. I’ve gotten abrasions in the past from practically scrubbing my face like a bathtub with exfoliator…let’s just say I won’t be doing that ever again.

Rinse Dry and Moisturize From here, you’ll go ahead and rinse your face. I rinse with cold water to close up those pores, and help with any inflammation I may have. Then pat your face dry, or I prefer to put a dab of Acure moisturizer for oily skin on my face while it’s still wet. I also apply to my neck. Not a lot of people do that, and then they end up with this weird neck issue later where their throat looks like it’s aged turkey and their face looks smooth as a baby’s butt. That’s not a nice contrast so include your neck on the fun.

Exfoliation and Masks For Deep Cleaning (2 – 3x a week or as needed)

Every now and again, about Tuesday and Thursday night, I’ll do an exfoliation with my regular wash routine above, and then do a charcoal mask to deep clean, followed by the moisturizer I usually have.

  1. Wash your face with your favorite cleanser. (Remember to scrub up and around lightly to get out the gunk.)
  2. Exfoliate to take off that extra layer of dead and dying skin. Don’t scrub too hard, just wash your face as usual with no added pressure. The gritty parts of your exfoliant is going to do the work and if you scrub too hard you’ll end up with scars, abrasions, and peeling skin in the morning that hurts!
  3. Lightly dab your face to dry. It shouldn’t be bone dry, but damp.
  4. Apply your favorite mask. I like my charcoal mask. It’s really easy to make and I included a link to the recipe for it here. For best results, apply it in a thin layer on damp skin. Put it on your bothersome areas, like your T-zone (forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks). I do it all over my face and neck, spanning to about my collarbone up to the top of my forehead, and then spread across my cheeks to both ears. Let it dry for about 5 – 10 minutes, and with some warm water wash it clean. Sometimes it’ll be a little rude and not want to come off and I use just a smidge of my facial cleanser to get it off. Afterwards, your face is going to feel so clean. Squickity squeak squeaken clean.
  5. Lightly pat the face dry.
  6. Apply your moisturizer.
  7. Now it’s off to bed, you sexy sexy person! 

Our faces are clean, and hopefully you plan to clean your bum before you head off to bed. If so, clean, rinse, and moisturize! Then say those prayers, affirmations, give yourself a hug, and hop in bed for a night of peace and sugar plum fairies.

Note: If you haven’t already guessed I have oily skin. Maybe you have normal or really dry skin, in which case we’re depending on you to post or send your great ideas to us on our contact page and we’ll make sure to update our post here so other millennials get some great help, too (In advance, we thank you for adding to the mania.).



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