Pass The Toothpaste

If you’re reading this and haven’t brushed your cuds yet, kindly step away from the device because you need to get your life in order.

My life starts with a brisk brush of the teeth. Why? Because:

  1. It’s hygenic.
  2. If a hot guy or gal came prancing by, your zebra butt breath should not be on the menu.

So. As much as I find it enjoyable to speak with you, I kindly ask you to,”Get it together, man!”

When you think about it, routine is great for you. It establishes habits. And an easy peasy way to start habit hunting is with something you can do every morning: brushing your teeth, scrubbing your tongue, and wiping the crust babies out of eyes.

For your mouth: I like using good ol’ fashion baking soda and hydrogen peroxide or my absolute new favorite, alkalizing Uncle Harry’s Natural ToothPaste in Peppermint. It has minerals in it that brighten your teeth with plastering your mouth with chemicals and it makes your mouth feel like you just lacquered it in ice water. Refreshing and it smells yummy!

For the skin on your face: I keep it simple and wash with one or two drops of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap and finish off with some Acure moisturizing lotion for oily skin. That baby is awesome. It’s not greasy and it’s gone in moments. Really helped with my acne issue because every time I washed my face before without a moisturizer my face would overcompensate with MORE oil. That lotion helped a lot. And you only need a smidge. Smaller than a pea and it helps to keep your hands still wet a bit when putting it on.

And just think, your cute wittle face is just one step closer to dominating this day.

Bathe/Shower After you get your face together, if you haven’t showered definitely consider that a must. At least hit your hot spots (pits, crotch, and butt cheeks). One brand I like is Dr. Bronner’s…oh my feline pie. I said it before for my face, but you can use it for a lot. To wash clothes, bathroom sinks, dishes, etc. And it’s gentle enough for your skin. I mean, it’s awesome. Plus it’s concentrated, so a little goes a long way.

I like the tingle of peppermint, and the lavendar or rose smells gorgeous. Or if you need a pick me up in the morning, get the citrus kind. Yeah, it’s 15 bucks for a 64 oz bottle at Tarjay, but it lasts 3 -4 months if you’re not using giant gobfuls. You only need a squirt, not a shot full to get the bubbles going.

After Shower Moisturizing I like to slather on some shea butter or a nice oil like coconut oil while the water is still on my skin. Don’t fall in the shower putting on oil, you’ll slip. I know. I’ve tried. I like a thicker lotion because it lasts throughout the day and it really keeps me moisturized especially during the winter.

Smell Good Now that you’re smelling awesome from your shower, slather on some deodorant. I choose the Tom’s all natural deodorant, not the antiperspirant. The antiperspirant has aluminum which in my opinion aids in things like boob cancer and issues. I choose not to be bothered so I go with what I know know and it’s pretty lovely in terms of how it smells. The apricot is by far one of the best. They also have lavender or if you prefer no smell at all, unscented. Spritz on some smell good (cologne or perfume) and throw on some clothes.

Ahhh! Now I can sit here and know that you don’t smell like a T-Rex’s toe jam.

Got any other tips for smelling fresh and being wonderful in the morning for your routine in the morning or at night? Now you know we millennials want to know what’s in your dome. Write it below in the comments and share that millennial mania.



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