Millennial Line Up

I think it’s fair to say that I personally enjoy people from afar. From across the room via observation or across technology. As an introvert, you dabble on that precipice of wanting to be in someone else’s space for awhile to know who and what they are, but you don’t want to stay around more than your mind will let it. You’re not the only person to feel this way, and the digital age really helps this concept a lot. And not always in a postive way, I might add. We get disconnected or only get the superficial from one another.

If you’re an introvert…whoa man! You know how this burns us. We don’t want to know about the weather. We want to know how this weather is affecting your mind or about what makes you tick when the weather is being funky. Give me something to fish in, not a shallow basket of your pre-recorded messages. 

In an effort to bring us a little closer as millennials, as people really, I think it’s necessary to shine a bit of light in everyone’s corner. Do you want to be featured? Contact us and let us know because there are so many young men and women who want a voice or to simply have their soul’s seen so they can be embraced, or to feel like they matter, or that they are heard.

I’m over hearing about how we didn’t know that was something someone else struggled with, or that someone was suicidal and didn’t see a way out, or depression was eating at your personality, but you didn’t know anyone who could help. Or you may feel ashamed. No more, dammit!

We have our messes, our skeletons and maybe getting a little love here and there wont help everyone, but it’s a good start in the right direction.

An extra someone to give a crap can have a significant difference. An extra bit of agape love, tough care, frienship, commadarie. We desire that as humans. A bit of one’s testimony, their journey, their struggle can help someone else who is going through it. 

If you struggle, if you are having a moment, we want to interview your mania, love your mania, and help you feel awesome. 

Comment below or send us an email. Ain’t no thang but a chicken wang when it comes to talking about our millennial mania. 


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