And Then The Car Broke…Sort Of

Car troubles. If you have a car or had one, you know about the bouts of gas your vehicular device needs, the fluids have to be checked and refilled, the oil has to be changed on occasion and then those awesome little things called tired, well, they have to be changed at times.

The latter is what occured on a recent night. The car tire was coming off of the car. Not in a cute, movie type of way and not where we could safely look from a distant. We were in the car and the car was making this large chugging noise from the back.

You know the sound a bike makes when a stick gets stuck in the wheels. Ughhh. The horror. I ran to husband, like yooo, dude. The tire, something is wrong. And he’s like dude, what are you talking about?

After troubleshooting that there was a sound and determining that somewthing was wrong…well, nothing was initially done. We’re two married Millennials. One 28 and the other barely gripping the sides of 25. And God certainly helps us keep jobs to make ends kiss, no doubts. However, we weren’t budgeting for a tire issue. I mean, who does? (Maybe, you have you Planner Mac Plannerson, but some of us don’t have the extra means).

Because we knew money was available, but needed elsewhere, we gauged our options. We had to think of viable solutions of how to fix the car. After all, that is how you get to work. Ubbin’* wasn’t going to work. Too much money for a temporary fix. Taking it to the dealership could also be a hefty bill, plus the tow truck that would be needed, so it wouldn’t be the top at the list financially speaking. After a bit of thinking and brainstorming, husband said “Let me talk to some of my buddies (who were mechanics, yay!) and see what can be done.”

Let it be noted that all women and all men should have basic knowledge of car maintanence. Yeah yeah yeah. “But I ain’t no man.” “Why can’t a woman do it?” Look…get your life. For your own personal know how, just in case Susanne, Gerald, Marcus, Shantel, or AAA can’t help or reach you, know how to change a tire, do an oil change, how to use a jack, have an oil can in the back, and kniw how to check your car’s fluids.

“But I’m not a mechanic.”

Neither are we, officially, but you bet your bottom dollar if we want to save a few bucks, we’ll grab a Youtube website and some tools to make a quick fix in a pinch, until we can get to a mechanic.

Now, back to the tire.

For all purposes, we’ll call the tire, Mugsy. Mugsy was wobbling and moving his way off of the car because apparently it had gotten in his mind that tire freedom was but a couple of pulls away.

Little did Mugsy the tire know, we had a solution for his rubber baby bumpers bum. With a couple of looks by some mechanics we knew, we found out that the tire was indeed coming off, and that we needed to tighten that bad boy.

Mugsy had a short lived quest for running away. He was bolted back to the car by the awesome husband, KJ. Yes, I know what was said, be able to do it on your own. However, if your manliness is available, by all means, allow him to be a gentleman. (Just so you know, some men like to be mannish. Let’em.)

But, then Mugsy got sneaky. Little sucker wanted to run away again. I pulled over to a local Wendy’s after hearing the whomp whomp sound of a tire pressed to escape and then the arduous process of making sure all tires were connected to the car began.

KJ grabbed the socket wrench and 10 minutes later things are okay. Hallelujah!

Thank God, Mugsy didn’t run off while we were driving.

Ever had a driving debacle? What happened? What did you do to fix it? Leave your notes below so we can get an understanding of how you work your car mania, Millennial.


4 thoughts on “And Then The Car Broke…Sort Of

  1. Tikeetha T says:

    A tire blew out on the NJ Turnpike in my truck. Called Triple AAA who informed me that NJ Turnpike only allows their vehicles. Paid out of pocket and submitted the claim.


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