Cry Baby Millennial

tomatoes-ketchup-sad-food-160791Note: This doesn’t necessarily cover all of our generation, but you know who you are. If you’re upset about it, the shoe obviously fit somewhere.

Let’s just put it all on the table, shall we.

We, you, me, and apparently those born from the early 80s to the 2000s, are deemed “Generation Snowflake” because we’re sensitive wussies who want everything handed to us on a silver platter.

Now, Millennial. We always want to be right, and it’s not being said that victory in practically everything doesn’t feel awesome, but there’s some things we have got to be real with one another about.

The generation before us has a bit of the blame because they fostered an environment of giving us what we want, when we wanted it. They told us that, “You are the little prince or princess. That you should get whatever you want.” Then, when we get out of the house we turned into walking, talking gimme signs. Everything was wanted and with no strings attached, and the moment we didn’t get what we liked, we yelled and kicked and screamed until the cows came home.

So, this isn’t completely putting us on the block, but it is making us responsible for our part. 

You’re an independent thinker, right? You want to step up and take over the world, correct? Well, consider this our official Millennial take over meeting. Where we dress up, sit around a modern square table and drink our chai lattes while talking about how we’ll change the world. And this time it’s not about swarming the communities of Haiti with money, but by changing the habits of our troops right here.

First order of business 

Not sure who started the trend, and I don’t really care unless there is a time machine to go and teach them a few things, but we’ve got to stop being so emotionally driven about EVERY SINGLE THING.

Being overly emotional about the smallest thing isn’t going to get you anywhere. Your boyfriend/girlfriend broke up with you and instead of crying about it and talking it out with friends, you get dramatical and drive your car off of a cliff. It’s important to be able to control your emotions and not let them control you. Who’s in charge here?

You get upset about not having soy latte cakes available or not getting the job because you’re not qualified. But, again, let’s put on our honest caps. Did you really think you were going to get that job with half a page of a resume that isn’t properly done, no references, background, or even a viable set of skills to portray?

Don’t get mad at the mistakes you made. Some parents put in their entire savings account worth of ideals and opinions instead of the more common two cents amount around this time. We know. We’ve heard every last coin’s worth of ‘back in my day’. But if you don’t want to take their advice, don’t get mad when it sucks eggs later. Own your mistakes, lick your wounds, and keep it moving.

Second Order 

You know a good selfie when you
see one, and selfies in and of themselves, are not bad things. If you’re looking good for the day, why not document it? But this is where it gets a little crazy. 

Moderation? We’ve heard of that. Yet, we don’t use it. Selfies, self-absorption, the “me, me, me” syndrome is another thing we’ve got to tone down on. Millennials are beautiful, honey bunny. We don’t need to see another selfie of you coloring in your eyebrows. Yes, your buns look cute, and your new outfit is adorable, but do we need to see about how awesome your life is, while on the inside you’re hating yourself?

We’re so into ourselves but in truth, some of us hate ourselves. We’re jealous of the next person, or we’re looking to outdo and beat out the invisible competition. I mean, is it really that serious to see who has the biggest lips? You’ve seen it plenty of times and it’s becoming a little narcissistic, you guys.

Third Order 

Stop with that age old, “I’m the realest person I know. I don’t deal with unreal people or you’ll get cut off.” 

Are you kidding? You’re about the most unreal person here for saying that. Why? You get bent out of shape when people are honest with you about your funk, your self-obsession, your flakiness, your inability to do anything for yourself, but yet, you’re so into yourself. No one can shine the light on your skeletons, but you’re quick to find the speck of dust on someone else’s wall.

You would rather someone lie to your face than to admit that the truth that someone told you was painful and sliced through to your core. Guess what? That’s what truth does sometimes. It hurts, but it molds you. It heats you up, and dissolves off the dirty grout. Don’t get defensive. Get help. You’re hurting and keeping that crap inside and then acting irrationally later is not healthy. Which brings up the last order of business.

Fourth Order 

It’s time to give two craps about somebody else other than ourselves. We may not always be able to give a dignified or sophisticated response, or even to give you any response (because we don’t know everything as a Millennial). However, we Millennials are every where and gifted with connection. 

There’s someone who knows somebody somewhere who can get you to someone else who knows the answer. There’s tons of people who want to give you a place to vent it out, without the advice added. 

There’s other Millennials who want to be here for you. You gotta know that. Someone else is dealing with the same things you are, just in a different region, a different language, a different culture. But until you stop thinking it’s all about you, all the time, you won’t recognize it.

Now, that may have hurt, because I’m feeling a little jaded right now. But the truth doesn’t always feel like a spoonful of sugar, but it sure as hell will help the medicine go down, (sing it with me)…in the most deligggghtfulll wayyyyyy!

Side note: [Opinions are just that, opinions. If you’re getting upset to the point you have  to call people out of their names down below – that just proves you’re acting like an emotional Millennial. We’re trying to get better, so keep your gears from getting jammed with a load of tissue. It’s not that serious. Walk away, drink some water, and realize that it’s just an opinion, on a forum, about our Millennial Mania.]

Gotta vent? Need some other Millennials to give you some advice? Prattle away down below in the comments. Cheers! Prost! 


4 thoughts on “Cry Baby Millennial

  1. I Am Rey says:

    I love this definitely we have to check ourselves every so often.. It’s enough room for everyone it’s not all about “me”. Definitely inspiring! Keep writing!


  2. millennialmania says:

    Thanks, I am Rey! We got inspired about it from your posts on Millennials the other day. It was a nice post to parents about what we Millennials expect from parents when we make life decisions.


  3. tsmthiyane says:

    I love this, at first i thought “not another millenial bashing article” (i hate those), telling me things that I already know about myself and peers.
    Can we be progressive, how do we turn our so called negatives into positives, this piece of writing offers solutions. I LOVE IT

    Liked by 1 person

    • MillennialMania says:

      We appreciate it Tsthiyane! We see Millennials as the new leaders of a new age. With that comes responsibilities and taking a cold look in the mirror to address our issues. But we shouldn’t just stick with what’s wrong with me…because that fosters a pity party. So, we list pur problems and list just as many if not more solutions to try and fix those problems. Ultimately, that helps to make us more united, collaborative, and productive. Kudos for commenting! Talk to ya, soon!


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