Working From Home

Raise your hand if you’ve worked in retail? How about food or food prep? Warehouses?

Raise your hand if you would rather be working from home? With your own schedule? And making decent money (we’re not talking get rich quick), or at least something to fund your Chicky Sticky* fixation?

Here at Millennial Mania it’s important to have some type of financial independence. The Millennial differs a bit from our folks because we don’t always like going out to do manual labor on a set 9 – 5PM every. single. day. Having a flexible schedule and making decent money to pay the rent or utilities is more up our side of the valley.

We know a lot of people are looking to scam a lot of young, gullible folks like ourselves. So, we tried some of these out to let you know how cool or lame they were, or we spotted some reputable people/companies who did and posted the link for you to find out more.

Again, this isn’t going to make you Bill Gates overnight, my peoples, but as I said before, some of these give a living wage or at least some money to help grab a pizza.

Work From Home Companies

  1. Arise
    • Pros
      • Reputable companies to choose from like Apple, Carnival Cruise Lines, and Disney.
      • For some of the companies, equipment can be given for the job.
      • You choose your hours (General Minimum is 15 hours a week)
      • Pay is by every 30 minutes you complete or by every call/chat you complete (differs with each client)
      • Incentive pay during different holidays and seasons and can be based off of job performance as well.
    • Cons
      • You have to pay for your entry into the course/job
      • No guaranteed job despite payment
      • You have to pass the training and the tests to make sure you qualify to pass the class
      • At times there isn’t always a ton of hours to help right away, which leaves you scavenging for hours, despite the minimum hour requirement
      • You’ll need to pay the taxes out of your own pocket/paycheck each pay period. What we did is went online to the IRS and they have a calculator to help you determine the amount each check. Then just put it in a savings account until tax time, or pay each quarter.
    • Pros 
      • Very easy and simplistic way to speak your mind and get money for your opinion
      •  Download material is quick, easy, and FREE to use as well as the testing.
      • User friendly and very easy to understand
      • Each test can be as short as 5 minutes or as long as 40 minutes and up, but you’ll be allowed to choose what tests you like
      • Plenty of clients to pull from (Before your first test)
      • You can do this on the go with a mobile device or a Mac/PC.
    • Cons 
      • When on mobile device, best if used with a fast Wifi connection or an unlimited data plan. (Took 10 minutes to upload one feedback, and used 42.2MB of data).
      • You can only do one at a time. So if you start on a mobile device that’s slow, you’ll need to wait until it’s completed to do one on your Mac/PC or tablet.
      • After your first feedback, it may take some time to get new tests in, despite a high rating of at least a 4.

Note: The ones below we haven’t tested them personally, but we researched some people/sites who have worked for and with these companies. They listed some pretty good information on them here, at a site named Seed Time, which is a nice place to get some Christian based financial assistance if you’re ever looking. We figured even though we don’t have the exact experience, why not get some help from someone who does know. (It’s okay to ask for help, ya’ll).

  1. LiveOps
  2. Fancy Hands
  3. Shipt

Another site that we think is awesome, and a favorite of Millennial Mania is If you’re not a fan, you need to get your life together. We posted the link here for a lot of the legit work at home remote companies that are available there as well. They give a bit more information on the exact parameters of pay, which is definitely helpful when trying to get a job.

These are just a couple of ideas to get you started to not working on someone else’s time, all the time! Cheers to financial independence.

*Chick – Fil – A, people. You have gotta keep up with the lingo.

Got any work from home ideas like walking the dog? Mowing someone else’s lawn? Add to our Millennial Mania comments storehouse below.


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