When Recipes Go Wrong

As a sort of not new wife, I’m often caught in limbo trying to figure out what to cook and how to cook it. Is this too much salt or not enough pepper? “Baby, do you like this?” Oh my gosh, is it supposed to look that red?

And then, you have the couple of friends who are like, Barefoot Contessa. Like, seriously? They can bake a cake with their eyes closed and then look at you with their head-cocked to the side, like, “You can’t do that?”

Argh! Like, dude. Why can’t I make a casserole that doesn’t taste too creamy, but has just the right amount of crunch? Why do I only have a series of recipes I can count on one hand that are reliable and tasty for not just me, but the boo-thang, too.

Eating out all the time isn’t the way (20 bucks here and there adds up), and randomly making meals until something sticks is wasting groceries…which is more money spent. But, then you think to yourself, Millennial…I can’t keep making the same ding-dong recipes all the time. I mean, I’m getting bored with eating the same caesar salad.

Yeah, I know. You don’t have to tell me about this issue. I’ve had too many moments pondering the same questions you have above. I mean, just today I made a tater tot casserole. Well, I decided to not do tater tots. I did it with shredded hash browns instead. Come on! It’s potatoes and they were on sale, BOGO (buy one get one free)! But apparently, that was not something that was warranted. I thought it was nice, but the husband was like, “No, it should have been crunchier. It tastes like a mouthful of cream.”

I’m looking at my Almond Joy, like, honey…I need you to like this food right now.  I need us to be able to eat this. Together. And you need to be full of this good food right now. Right now, please. Today. Please.

So, now, I have an entire pan of tater tot (shredded hash brown) casserole that he ain’t about to eat. What to do? Most likely, I’ll end up eating it throughout the week, and shaking it up with a bit of ritz crackers on top for some “crunch”. Until then, I’m not doing any crazy experiments until the next time I buy groceries. Why? Because money doesn’t grow on trees and I need to make these groceries last a month.

So, what do I do now in the mean time? Go with what you know and do the recipes that will work. Then, do small sample sizes of something different when you have the extra money to try it.

It ain’t pretty, and it’ll be boring, but if life is a journey you have to enjoy, then damn it, get your life and take this thing slow. It’s not going to happen over night. You won’t be Rachael Ray in a day, but you should enjoy your time doing this cooking game while you’re learning through the debacles.

What was your worse recipe and what did you do to fix it? What kind of recipes are you go-to when you mess up a meal? Leave your Millennial manic meals below so we can avoid or eat up your yummy/disgusting meals.


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