When Thumbs are Brown Instead of Green

Ever see those cute little instagram posts that have people with these adorable gardens? They’re so young and vibrant, those little gardens. 

Yet, you watch from afar because if it were up to you those suckers would be dead before you got the plant in the grown. Your thumb aint’t green and that’s okay. As usual, millennial mania has you covered. 

Here’s a couple of options that are simple and will still allow you to have your kitchen garden.

Onions Ode to the funk! If you bought a whole onion and haven’t cut off the root base and the odd little onion head, regrow a new one. And the great thing is, you’re regrowing it from scrap. You’re not wasting your onion and you can enjoy most of the onion you bought before putting the onion root in your kitchen garden. How you ask? 

Glad you asked. 

Go ahead and grab a small bowl, put enough water to cover the bottom of the bowl, and put the root end of your onion inside of the water. That’s it. You’re done! Make sure to clean the water out each day so you don’t start growing something other than onion. Within the week, you’ll see some green sprouts! 

Success. Once you see the sprouts and root, plant it in the dirt, root side down. Then cover with the soil up until the bottom edge of your green shoots. (Only the green should be seen after you plant successfully.)

Garlic So yummy and delicious, garlic really adds a swag to a culinary dish.They’re also easy to grow. That entire thing of garlic you bought is called a bulb. Each piece is a seed! You can plant those with the blunt side facing down and the pointy end facing up and wham! You’ll be on your way to growing garlic.

It likes the sun, so if you have an open window, let it set out there for growth. It takes a bit to pop up though, so you won’t have another bulb of garlic right away. So, it may be beneficial to plant several of these for a large harvest later.

Green onions Like their larger counterpart above, these stanky doodles don’t take much to grow and quickly. When you buy them from the store, clean them up with a veggie rinse or a vinegar wash. Then use what green you need, but salvage the root and white bulb at the end. 

Place that in a glass of clean water, making sure to change out the water often (4x a week) as well as the container. Within the week, your green onions will be growing back for you to use again and again and again. 

Celery Either good in soup or with peanut butter, celery is a nice bit of green to have around. Once you buy a stalk, and you’ve eaten most of it, cut off any loose stalks and place the base in a bowl of water. 

Like your onions above, you’ll need to keep the water clean by changing it out every other day with the bowl. Once the celery sprouts start to pop up, place it in soil so it can continue to grow. 

Cilantro If you haven’t tried putting cilantro and lime in your guacamole…you are missing a wonderfuk thing. Cilantro adds zest and you can easily put this zest on unlimited supply if you have scraps left over. 

Unlike the onions, you can pinch a bit of the stems with the leaves off of a plant, place it in water, and bam…let that cilantro grow some roots. After the roots are about the size of your pinky, go ahead and pot it. Cilantro on demand. 

Basil Talk about easy. Basil is awesome because if you already have some or bought some at the store, some of the scraps (the actual leaves and stems) can be placed in water to make completely new basil plants. Simply cut off a portion of the basil below the bud, remove any straggler leaves near the cut, and place the basil stem and leaf in a glass of water. 

Change your water daily. Once the roots start to grow you can plant it in the soil and watch it flourish! We posted a link to see what the Basil Growth and Propagation Pictures will look like so you have an idea of what to expect from your basil on a timeline. 


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