Meals You Gotta Know

There are meals you just have to know. Mainly for your survival, but it’s nice to have up your sleeve when you have guests, relatives, or brave friends sitting at your table.

Oodles of Noodles don’t count ya’ll…so please don’t get your boxer briefs and lace panties in a twist. Try out the recipes below to get that kitchen party started.


  • Pancakes
  • Eggs
  • Cereal  – Pour your cereal in a bowl, then add your favorite milk. Don’t laugh because some people can barely boil water without it being an issue.
  • Grits


  • Tacos – We like to use a ground chicken or turkey
  • Salad – Try one of these 50 salad ideas with recipes included.
  • Spaghetti
  • Broccoli/Asparagus/Corn – You can buy these fresh from the store and steam, roast, or boil them.
  • Pizza – Be careful if you’re making your own pizza crust…if you don’t let the yeast work it’s way through the dough, you’ll be in for a not so nice surprise (breaking out in hives). We suggest getting a already remade store bought option if you’re just starting out.


What kind of foods do you think are über easy to make? Comment below on your favorite easy to make recipes below to add to our Millennial Mania crockpot.


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