Squat Challenge: Should I Even Bother?

Let me start by saying that working out is definitely a must. It’s not about shedding 50 pounds to look like a stick figure, but it’s about being healthy. Everyone has a healthy body weight and a cool body type that fits them. That is appropriate. What’s not appropriate is killing yourself with different crash methods, diet pills, and other extreme weight loss remedies just to make someone else happy. Losing weight should be a side dish, not the entire enchilada when it comes to working out.

Schpill officially sorta kind of over.

I plan to endeavor towards the squat challenge. For me, being 5’6″ and a half weighting 150 pounds is not where it’s at. I’m comfortable at a solid 135 or 140 before a morning deuce and being at this weight is nice for me. I still have my hips, tight core, strong thighs. When I feel good, I radiate with happiness and this in turn is noticed by my awesome Hubster.

So, anyway. I’m scrolling through Facebook because that’s what people do, and I see this picture of a butt. It’s a cute butt, ya’ll…but it’s got squat challenge written all over it. Literally. And I think,

Millennial, girl…you’ve been getting thicker than a snicker. Are you gaining weight for hibernation right now?

And I was like…you know what? I am boo. Thanks for looking out.

So, for my own sanity and my desire to not have a turkey neck for thanksgiving, I’m squatting it out.

Now you may say, Millennial…you need to get your life. You’re fine the way you are…(flood the moment with lots of self empowering words of wisdom). However, I know where I like to stay at on the weight meter and health-o-gram and 150 is not where it’s at. For me.

But, Millennial…they’re squats…how is that going to help your neck? Your flabby arms? Your…

Look. Stop it. Now, that area of my body may get stronger, but the weight is going to shed off regardless from however it choses (proportionately) because when you lose calories it’s burned everywhere, not just in the place where you decide to work out that day. Can you imagine you only working on your calves and then the rest of your body is looking like you just got birthed by the State Puff Marshmallow Man? Yeah. It looks weird.

Squats. Imma work them out and go walking. I’ll probably cut back on BDubs and sweet teas. Chicky Sticky (Chick Fil A) is still on the menu, so don’t even try it. But I’ll take care to change the small things. In reality, it took small things to get me here, and I’ll use the small to get me back where I need to be.

130lbs by December.

Do you have any health goals you want to accomplish despite the season? How do you like to lose the weight or get healthy? Do you have any habits you wish you could change? Talk to us about it below in the comments. Don’t be shamed Millennial. This is a safe place. 


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