Are you there God? It’s me. Millennial.

God…not gonna lie. I’ve been disappointed at being half crazed trying to figure out what to do with my life. 

You see people going places, traveling, having babies, having a seemingly better life and it’s like what the hell am I doing wrong? 

I don’t mean to rush you because your timing is perfect and right…I just want to have a candid conversation about where I’m headed. Although I know I shouldn’t fear…I sometimes placed in this area where I’m scared to fly or try on faith. 

I know. I know…get your life, Millennial, but God, where do I go from here? I just want you to tell me…

Hold on. What did you say God? You said what? You said I’m okay. That this is like a bus stop right now. I suppose it could be worse. I could be like on the side of the street. But you’ve been and are faithful. So, I won’t complain. 

God…there’s static…God…are you there? Okay. That’s better. What else were you saying? 

Oh. Oh…Lord…Daddy. I didn’t think of it that way. You mean to say that all this time, I was sitting here freaking out about going to the military, or running overseas, or teaching in some random job…but you really already had a plan of action? 

Well, what is it? God, it could not be that easy. So, I needed to learn this lesson. That maybe I need to live life and have faith that the mind of Christ and ypur wisdom is something I operate in every day. So, my decisions and thoughts are motivated and in peace by what you ultimately want anyway. Sheesh. Talk about surprising. 

Okay. So. You want me to stay where I am and just continue to pray, love on you, and tithe like I’ve been doing. And then you want me to chill out and make a decision based off of what you tell me…and if I don’t hear you it doesn’t mean you don’t want to talk or that you’d rather not hear my voice. 

I get it. I’ll just…chill. I’ll live and know you want nothing, but the best for me at all times. 

Okay. I can breathe a little. 

Sooo. I love you Big G. Same time tomorrow? Cool. I’ll talk to you later. I’ll text like in 2 minutes probably. Okay. Ttyl. 

What do you like to pray to God about? Do you journal? What do you write about? Give us a little loving below Millennials in the comments. 


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