I’m A Temporal Wussy

…so I keep my mouth shut. 

Oh don’t act so high and mighty. Are you kidding me? Do you mean to say that you are so bubbly and all I-am-man or woman, you don’t have wussy moments? 

Well, excuse the dirt off of me. 

Maybe I should rephrase. I have this stupid ridiculous moment where I tend to stay quiet when it counts, but I can spew out all the things I should’ve, could’ve, would’ve said later. I can rip into the ones I love, but the weirdos, humdingers, and strangers…I must admit, I get quiet.

It’s not that I don’t want to say anything, or don’t have anything worthwhile to say. The words are there bubbling on my lips. They’re practically laced on my tongue, ready for lift off. But they don’t always go anywhere. I suppose their waitlisted and end up taking a detour to mirror land. You know when you’re going through the conversation that you wanted to have in front of your mirror. The one you were going to say and it was going to be epic, but you know…they never left your mouth. 

I suppose it’s because I’m being sensitive to what others want and need…or better yet, I’m being nice. Not wanting to hurt anybody’s feelings, or crush anyone’s toes. 

Don’t get me wrong. I am rearing to go before I get there. I’m like a prized fighter, bouncing my arms, shaking ny head, and getting hype in the ring. Then the bell dings and my tongue skips town. 

Then, one, two punch and a KO. 

Hmmph. I’m a friggin’ Millennial. There is no way I should be full of so many good ideas and help, but yet, here I am…choking on words I should have said earlier. So whoo! to you…you people who are soooo verbal and loud and tell them like it is. 

Because I’m not. Not always. Not with all the right people. And not all at the right moments. Sucks, right? 

What about you Millennial? Do you wussy out or say it like it is? Comment below and let us know, or if you have a solution, by all means give up your advice nicely ’cause we got you surrounded.  


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