How To Wash Clothes Like An Adult

​You’re a new college student or maybe your mom finally got fed up with washing your stiff socks. 

Now, you’re stuck with the job of washing your period stained panties or ketchup stained pants on your own. And who better to come to than your amazing mates here at Millennial Mania. 

I know mama could help, but you’re a little upset at the dilemma and you’re out to prove yourself amongst adults. It’s like an adult required checklist. The unofficial published guide of how to clean those clothes. 

You can either grab your favorite brand or use our DIY option here. 

Sorting Clothes: 

You have lights, whites, darks, and delicates. 

  • Lights are going to be just what it says. Light colored clothing. We generally call them the sunshine colors because of how bright they are. (Yellow, orange, bright green)
  • Darks are easy. They consist of your sweatpants and darker colored options, like brown, black, gray. You can also add jeans and towels to this cycle. Cuts down on making additional trips.
  • Whites are a league of their own. These can be bed sheets, pillows, clothes, etc. And when in the wash, they don’t discriminate. 
  •  Delicates are your bras, lacy and fragile items. They can be clothes with glitter or gems or an athletic uniform. These are your “Driving Miss Daisy” options. If they look like they can get attacked by your wash, do not put them in tbe regular wash. There’s a delicate dial to start the wash with less agitation. 

    Choosing The Right Wash Settings

    A lot of people freak out about which temperature to wash their clothes in. Some washers will ask you for the color type and match the water for you. If you’re asked to choose different settings on yoir own, we left you a cheat sheet below.

    Lights: Wash in cold water, regular cycle, then based off of the dirtiness of your clothes choose Heavy, Regular, or Light. 

    Note: Those options will either increase your wash time (heavy) or allow you to get your clothes quicker (light).

    Darks: Wash in cold water, regular cycle, then based off of the dirtiness of your clothes choose Heavy, Regular, or Light. 

    Whites: Wash in hot water, regular cycle, then based off of the dirtiness of your clothes choose Heavy, Regular, or Light. 

    Delicates: Separate your delicates into colors like you with lights, darks, and whites above. Then wash in appropriate water type unless otherwise dictated on tag. Make sure to use the delicate cycle, then based off of the dirtiness of your clothes choose Heavy, Regular, or Light. 

    Delicates can be a small, upsetting little load after you know you have tons else to do. We admit, to save time, if the main colors above aren’t too dirty and can be washed on light, we’ll throw the corresponding delicates in the same wash. 

    But we make the entire load a gentle or delicate wash. That way we’re not doing extra loads, we save a tad more water and time, and the clothes are still clean. Boo-yah!

    Wash Your Clothes

    1. Turn on the correct settings on the washer as explained above and start the water so it can fill up the washer. 
    2. Add your detergent or a tablespoon to a 1/3 cup of our DIY laundry detergent found here, to the water. 
    3. If you have OxyClean or would like to add about 1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide to the mixture now for a color boost, throw that in the water now, too. 
    4. For cycles that you choose to use bleach, (namely whites), DO NOT mix the OxyClean or Hydrogen Peroxide with it. Do either bleach or OxyClean/Hydrogen Peroxide, NOT BOTH. 
    5. Now, add your clothes. 
    6. Once it hits the rinse cycle, now is a great time to add a cup of vinegar (Apple Cider without the “Mother” or Distilled White). The vinegar serves as a fabric softener and don’t worry about the smell, it’ll leave by the time you take them out of the dryer. 

      Dry Your Clothes 

      • If it’s delicate or you’re scared of shrinkage, hang the clothes out to dry over doors, chairs, or on hangers. 
      • For whites, put it on a cotton cycle for high heat. 
      • For everything else, place the items on regular heat. Yeah, you may have to do it twice, but if you don’t want the shrinkage deal with it or grab a pair of wool fabric softener balls to throw in your dryer to evenly dry your items. 

      Fold And Put Those Clothes Up

      Now, it’s time to take those clothes out, fold them, and put your clothes up. 

      How do you like to wash your clothes? Got any advice that you’d like to add, Millennial? Drop it in the comments below. 


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