Furniture Shopping Day 2

The hubster and I have been in the market of finding a new couch and bedroom set. Our current models have served well, but it’s about time for us to invest in a set that will last us quite some time (10 years down the line). 

When we bought our first couch set, it was the day we got married at the court house almost 3 years ago (Thank you God…woot woot!). 

The couch we got from Rooms To Go, paid in full because we didn’t want any continuous debt hanging over our heads was on sale! It’s a neutral beige color, so we could switch up the colors of our living room with no issues. We didn’t like that the pillows weren’t attached to the couch. Which either became nice toys for the kids I babysit to play with, or a complete chore to plump and clean on an off day. 

When it came to cleaning, a good bit of soap and bleach were needed, but it spruced the couch right up after sitting in the sun all day. But, then…that faithful day. The husband and I were on a home date watching Game Of Thrones…our couch broke. It was already having a bit of a booty year this last leg around when we plopped on it after a long day and the plopping resulted in the infamous “Dip”. 

The “Dip” is the new name we call it because when we sit on that side of the couch, there is a significant and recognizable dip compared to the other side. 

Surprisingly enough, “Dip” is rather comfortable when you’re centralized in it’s little cubby. My sister complains about it, but always finds herself happily sleep in that area. But, “Dip” doesn’t feel so great when you’re trying to lay out. It feels like you’re sleeping on the curb with one half of your body is sleeping on the sidewalk and your feet are dangling in the street. 

Hence, our decision to get a new couch. 

Then, we have our bedroom set…or bits and pieces set. The bed is pillow top, but is a bizznatch to move and clean. It flops like spaghetti or one of those kids who throw a tamtrum in your arms. It took me an hour to move it just to get the box spring from under it to put a new railing at the bottom (Hubby was at work and I didn’t want to wait…). 

We got our dresser, the long one…from Ikea the year we got married as well. We got our collections and pieces bit by bit…When we first started out, we had the kaleidoscope pieces from our dorm rooms that was barely able to fill one bedroom that we occupied together whilst living in a house with four other roommates (they had their own rooms).

Now, we have these nice pieces…a lot of them either DIYed like the canvas pictures we have, or the accent couch in our room was a curb alert find. I bleached it down, washed it thoroughly, set it in the sun, and grabbed the chair legs of another abandoned couch. After a quick prayer, that couch was mine! 

Yeah, we didn’t grab stuff in store and get locked in debt, but we definitely have a greater appreciation for our things having had to wait and accumulate our belongings. Then saving and finally paying for them…it’s an accomplishment. 

We smile now a lot more randomly when we come in our home because it’s like…it’s not just a cubby we’re paying for, but a place we’re excited to get to and say this is comfort. 

We’re  looking and spotted a bed set at Rooms To Go that has everything we want and it’s got a lot of support and extra storage (we’ve got an athlete in the house), so we definitely need room for just workout clothes and football gear. 

We would advise when furniture shopping: 

  1. Shop the sales.
  2. Have an idea of what you like and what you’re not willing to compromise on, but keep an open mind on components you can give up for a nicer price. 
  3. With that in mind, SHOP AROUND.We found an entertainment system that was identical to one found with a higher price tag somewhere else, but we got an entire entertainment system, living room tables and a lamp as a better deal. 
  4. Look for items that are going to last and shop realistically. If you know you don’t like to clean up messes, get a set that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. And yes, cheaper may be nice now, but if it breaks or loses it’s cuteness in 6 months, was it worth it? 
  5. If you can, pay in full so you don’t have to have debt debt debt. 
  6. Check reviews for items before the purchase. People who have made the mistakes for you on an item you plan to purchase will not have an issue saying so. It’ll be unbiased and can help narrow your decisions. 

    Happy furniture shopping. 

    Are you in the process of furniahing your home? Where do you like to shop? Let us know below in the comments section, frugal Millennial. 


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