12 Tips For Girding Your Teacher Loins

  1. When it comes to teaching, check the schools in your area. Do thorough research. Not all schools are created equal. 
  2. Student loan help alert: Because you’re operating as a public servant, you can get your student loans paid off after a certain period of time if you work in low income schools.
  3. Low income schools may not be the best in terms of administration or funds, but if you want to get your foot in the door and grab some experience, they’ll have open positions.
  4. Don’t do it until you know you love it. If after 6 months to a year, you’re not feeling the vibe or if the age group you’re working with is making you feel miserable to work with, try something else. 
  5. If you want a Masters degree, or a Ph.D. consider going before locking in your teaching position. Some schools won’t fund your continued education, and let’s face it…once you get out of school and start working, it’s not always so easy getting back into learning mode. 
  6. Middle/secondary school is easy to get into. A lot of people flock to little kids, but 
  7. Temporal licensing and lateral entry are some methods to consider if you didn’t have an education degree for undergrad. You can even get sponsored by a school to help you pay for your teacher’s licensing.
  8. When it comes to classroom managment, establish rapport from the beginning. Acting sweet and lovely may sound cute until your students stop listening to you before recess. Start tough, not mean, but let it be known that there shall be a mutual respect in the classroom.
  9. Be naturally inclined to teach kids and want to help them out. 
  10. Community support – Parents don’t always pay attention to what they’re kids are doing. So, consider that you may be a parent to these kiddos while they’re away from home. Be prepared to be  a mom and dad while you’re with your “babies”.
  11. If you ever get in a difficult stand off with a student, aall the person they don’t want you to call. “I don’t care if you call my …” is a sure indicator that that is the person you want to call. 
  12. Know your kids – build a relationship with them over time. Successful relationships take time and will need some work, so put in some individual attention to each of your students when you can. 

    Do you have any tips for teachers? Any help you can give those who are teaching or in child care? How do you feel about them Millennial? Comment below. 


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