When Did My Body Start Having A Say So?


Pinpointing that moment where you wanted to smack your body into submission, or trying to figure out where it all went wrong is like trying to think of when it stopped being acceptable to get teddy bears and candy for Valentine’s day.

There have been weird moments where I poke at myself and start asking where did that muffin top come from…or is my butt going to get a little perk to it?

If you haven’t done such a thing, God bless your ignorant bliss. Because there is such a moment where several of us are staring deeply into a mirror asking, “When did you start looking at getting different? When did it friggin’ matter that you weren’t this way or that?”

These are questions that would have been super awesome to have an awareness of at a younger age. To have the tools, advice, and parents to guide us through it safely to the other side, so we can be like “Body, I know you hear me. I understand your pain, but we’re going to get through this”…that would have been spectacular.

Instead, we hid our shame.


We stared again at the girls we wanted to be, while they stared back at us in secret desire. We all wanted a bit of what we thought we didn’t have. We cut at each other with laser sharp words and gave each other depressive thoughts.

Now, we’re the updated 2.0 versions of our younger selfs…asking the same damning questions. Overlooking moments of beauty for moments of disbelief.

“I’m too chunky and fat.”

“Too skinny and limp.”

“It’s not big enough.”

“It’s not long enough.”

You nit pick at you to make someone else happy, when in actuality they want a bit of what you have.


Has it occurred to you, that you’re awesome no matter how you look at it? No one will ever be you before, now, or ever again. People are going to be opinionated about the sky being blue. They’ll complain they’re up one day, and then be sad they’re down the next. How can you hope to please anyone as wishy-washy as that?

Now, if it’s you that has the issue, with your weight, or your thoughts…then find out why you have them.

  1. Do you really want to loose or gain weight?
  2. Are you making this change to you physically to make yourself feel better or to hide some shame you have about yourself?
  3. Are you making this change because you want to impress someone else or make yourself more attractive?
  4. Is it healthy? Could you die from this?
  5. Are you going to like yourself after?

Come on…look at the many people who have changed themselves for fame or because they felt bad about how they looked? Have you seen Lil’ Kim lately? Or maybe you forgot that the Jacksons from the Jackson 5 have changed noses, hairstyles, and clothing options faster than Mr. Potato Head can change his mustache.


If you’re going to live this life…whether you think there is a light at the end of the tunnel or not, you’ve got THIS MOMENT to make it more amazing than the last. You’re always living in the now, so why not make THIS NOW, your most amazing now, just in case the next moment isn’t guaranteed to you?

So what people talk junk, or called you a name online? Who cares? They’re opinionated, but you have something called control. You can choose to walk away from people, ignore their words, turn off your computer…you define you. Not some “want-to-be-you” that’s trying to ruin your life to make themselves feel better.

So, every day…without fail. You tell yourself and believe it that:

I’m astonishing, amazing, a force to be reckoned with. I’m someone to look up to, to aspire to. I’m  wonderfully created, made, and positioned. I have a voice in this world, and anyone who wants to stifle that can eat a funky Dorito. I’m wanted. I’m loved. And I friggin’ matter.

Now, smile and give yourself a big Millennial Mania hug.


We hope you feel better Millennial. Stop flicking at your little booty in the back. Stop looking at boobs that you just weren’t born with. Stop staring at your man giblets. If they needed to be there, they would be there. 


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