Respect My Time

I’ve sat here contemplating the right way to say it, but sometimes there isn’t a politically correct method. It’s a say-it-like-it-is moment.

Now, is one of those moments.

We were getting Google Fiber today (Yay!) and hadn’t eaten much of anything (Sour Cream and Onion Lays chips, some toast, and an apple) between the two of us.

After bouncing between which restaurant had the better deal and what coupons to use, husband made an executive decision to go to the Cowfish (a restaurant with a food fusion of burgers and sushi). The Cowfish is one of our luxury spots and we haven’t been in awhile. Needless to say, I was excited. So, with hungry bellies we ran for it when the Google Fiber techs left.

As you know…SHIFT HAPPENS and we have to make a pit stop to pick someone up on the way to feed. Coupled with a younger child in our midst, that I take care of during the day, it felt like a bit of a roadblock, but hopes were still high for a great lunch.

We get to said person’s house and instead of being ready, they’re outside smacking their gums (talking). It took 30 minutes to get there. The fact that they weren’t ready plucked my nerves.

After they quickly dispersed and made bye bye, they take their sweet sugar getting into the car and then upon grabbing a seat, proceeds to give a laundry list of places to go with times of when to get there.

Hold up. Pause.

You do realize that we’re not driving all over because you want to right? You do understand that we are not on your timeline? Because I want to make sure that you know, that I know, that you know that we’re not driving over the city to get what you need done just because.

“Well, why not?” you might ask…Glad you asked. I’ve listed some points below:

  1. You’re not contributing to gas.
  2. We had plans to eat (We’s Hungry, Folks!).
  3. You could have gotten an Über or Lyft if you wanted to be chauffeured around the city.

Bottom line…you don’t know what other people are doing, feeling, and what they have planned. Make an effort to give two ice cream cones about other people’s time, property, space, and money. It’s a common courtesy. And don’t get upset at the people you are taking advantage of.

If you wouldn’t like it done to yourself, don’t do it to someone else. For the cynics and folks who couldn’t care less…consider how your actions affect others.

We’re not always living inside of “YOU” world. You interact with people and your interactions can rub people in the wrong way. Although, some folks can be overly sensitive…some people legitimately are plagued by your ill responses and treatment, and rightfully so.

SO. Let’s pull our heads from between our buttcheeks and be thoughful, hmm?

Have you ever had your time crapped on? Tell us about that moment in time and how you handled it, Millennial. 


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