I’ll be hommmeee for Christmassssss…
Oh yes. I shall be home with my parents for Christmas overseas, and I am so stoked. Excited is not even the word.

For some, this would be odd because you spending a lot of time with your parents is irksome, or it’s odd. I’ve been blessed with two diamonds and I do love them immensely. 

So, when a chance to travel came up, I grabbed at the chance, but then loomed PROCRASTINATION. 

Have you ever been about to pack a bag, get a lunch, do an assignment, go do work, paint your nails, or pretty much anything that garnered your immediate attention and then your attention span goes…

“Hey, Squirrel!” 

“Oooh. Netflix.” 

“Oh mer gershhhhh! Boo thang just came over.”

Or the ever infamous, “Take a nap, wake up and do it after. It’ll still be there and you work better with sleep.”

Bwaaahahaha! You know it’s true. 

I have known I was leaving for almost 3 weeks and have yet to pack a decent bag. I’ve folded laundry before packing. Eaten before packing. Fallen asleep about to consider packing. 

The Procrastination is real. 

But, instead of waiting until the day of, I am turning over my infinity proverbial leaf. (I’ve messed up the last couple of leaves, front and back…so, I got the Jesus please forgive me package and although I make an effort not to fudge up, it certainly helps to have forgiveness readily available.) 

I started packing a week before I leave, and so far I’ve packed a bag (Woot woot!), but I might have overpacked. In any case, I’m better for it. Easier to downsize than to not have packed at all. 

Procrastination might be snazzy tenporarily, but you can’t be a lazy bum all the time. (no bum shaming here, ya’ll). 

Procrastination is you telling yourself that you are the god of time and that despite death occuring however, whenever, to whoever…that somehow, you are above it all. 


You’re not the god of time. You could die in a moment, in that extra nap, that Netflix binging, that extra snack and go you were about to indulge in. By grace you receive THIS exact time and THIS exact moment. Tomorrow, the next second isn’t even promised to you. 

Now, this means: 

  1. You gotta live every moment like it’s your last. (Not to be morbid, but death and issues are a part of life. Better to live than to regret it on your deathbed.)
  2. Say what needs to be said. 
  3. Love hard, and unconditionally. 
  4. Show kindness. 
  5. Be your best self. 

This also means: 

  1. Don’t go humping everything that moves, breathes, sits in the forest, flies in the air, or swims in the sea. Enjoy life, but don’t go spreading your wild oats everywhere. 
  2. Have some discretion. Some things need to be said or done…but not always by you. Being a penis head should not be on your bucket list friends. 
  3. Don’t be so stuck on making sure your life is great, that your forget to share the awesome with friends and family AND STRANGERS (not all, but most…use discernment. If said person is about to cause you or someone harm…stop, don’t drop, and run). It’s easy to be selfish, but it takes a bit to be selfless, forgiving, giving, and geniune. 

So, before you get too comfortable, before you binge watch on Hulu…buck up. Put on your big boy or big girl undies and say right now…

“I’m getting this work done and I have the grace to complete it.” 

Then, dive in. Give it your all. The things you know need to get done, try completing them or dedicating 20 to 30 minutes at a time on the task, taking 5 minutes for breaks. Then, back at it again. 

You got this Millennial! We believe you can do it. 

Are you still slacking off? Why? What’s holding you back? Tell us below Millennial so we can encourage you and get you on tbe right track. Yahhhhh! 


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