Aw Nah, Hell Nah! – The Day Before The Trip – Germany Trip 2016


Oh sugar honey….

What in the Sam, Turkey, Egg, and Cheese is I’s gonna do?

Last night, I printed out my boarding pass for my trip and what does it say…not my name. Well, the right way to spell it.

They misspelled my name. Well, technically not, but yes. They put the Mrs. as my middle name.

How Sway? How?

After doing several deep breathing exercises and walking through previous emails to make sure I didn’t tell write my name weirdly, I went molly whopping to my husband who so calmly asked, “What’s the problem?”

“Well, it says that this is my name. [Showing him the boarding pass.] This is my name, but not my name. They added characters.”

“I mean, it’s Mrs. And it looks weird, but unless they’re stupid, I don’t think this is going to be an issue. So, why don’t you print the itinerary information that shows the correct name that you verified, and take it with you just in case. That way if something happens, you can prove that it’s you.”

I sighed…and then went to print the ding-dong email off. Which was taking all day.


Because the printer wasn’t on. It would also be good to mention that I had already gotten ready to turn the computer off. So, hey, I was a little livid and stressed.


I proceed to turn on the printer, and thank you God, for files being transferred and saved. So, when it chirped, it was already sent the job and began to print before I could get the computer back on.

After printing out the boarding passes, confirming baggage, and looking through the information for the emails…I proceeded to call my mother because who best to call when in stressful situations?

I quickly pinged her and like the Mama she is, she quickly proceeds to call me as soon as she can because she’s just as excited that I’m coming to see her as I am.

“My love,” says my wonderfully, amazing mother.

“Mom! Like, my boarding pass has my name spelled wrong and I’m freaking out because I checked the email that I sent the lady that you sent me to confirm about the flight and it was totally right but then I just checked my boarding pass and it’s wrong.”

Yes…that’s how it was sad. In a long run-on sentence. Because my nerves were starting to fray a  bit and I needed her to know the low down, all the way with no commas to mess it up.

She proceeds to look over the emails she has as well, and confirms the story that husband had before.


“Well, boo. That’s how they do it internationally, but unless they’re being an über stickler about it, it really shouldn’t matter. It’s a handle, not a complete misspelling. Just take the email with you just in case.”

“Ma…do I just go to the people or do I go to the front desk and have them change it? I put it in correctly on the site when I input my passport information.”

“Just go through the process as usual.”

“Okay. Well, I’ll keep you posted just in case something pops up.”

Until tomorrow, Millennials.


Ever had an issue with your tickets or with getting packed before the trip? Hit the comments below with your moment and how you handled it, good or bad. 



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