Trip Traveling Day – Before Leaving the House – Germany Trip 2016


Fast forward to the next day! Praise God for it. If you didn’t pop in before to get the madness of the night before, take a look here to see how that went.

My nerves are obviously bad, even though, I’ve telling myself I’m well.


Because of several reasons. For starters, I had a slight emotional mishap last night for the bday and proceeded to go to the mall for some cheesy nacho fries and a black bean and sweet potato burger from ShowMars to wallow. Man…was it delicious, though.

Unfortunately, my stomach has this thing against excess cheese or dairy. So, let’s just say I was spewing from both ends. *Gross*

After waking up at odd intervals, I got up, got myself situated, and proceeded to try and stuff more clothes, toiletries, and shoes inside of my already full luggage. My mother is going to be a little sad because I wasn’t able to bring another ($100 dollar bag, mind you) onto the plane, however, husband graciously said he would handle it.

Like…I do not deserve this guy, but thank you God for grace and favor.


Then, I was scrambling to get my mother’s makeup because it seemed like everybody and their mother wanted to be closed when I went to go get the makeup. In their defense, I didn’t realize the mall wasn’t on holidays hours, so it was close to closing time when I came to get nacho fries.

I did find out that Belk’s was open early and had what I needed. I sped over and made a beeline for the MAC counter, only to be told promptly…

“What type is she looking for? There’s concealers, foundations, powders. Do you have a picture? That would certainly help?”

No, Sway! I only have this ding-dong-the-witch-is-dead makeup number…and I might not even be saying it right. Sway…I don’t do tons of makeup and what I do, I’m barely scrapping on. So, help a sista out.

But, no. Facebook wanted to act like it couldn’t work without Messenger (Hell to the No. Still not downloading that.) and the internet inside of the store wasn’t working. The international texting wasn’t working correctly because apparently (now that I know some several hours later), I have to make sure that the correct phone carriers are used and that I use certain codes to sent the text message.


ERGHHHHHH! Let’s just go ahead and say, I couldn’t reach my mother, and I wasn’t able to get her makeup.

I looked for it online, and they deliver sure…but after Christmas. Swayyyyyy!

I’m sure if she were able she would have gotten it herself, but she needed it like now. Hopefully, my loving sister, who lives in the state with me, (AND IS ALSO GOING ON THE TRIP AT A LATER DATE…WOOT WOOT) can grab it for me because she’s so lovely and wonderful and accommodating.

After, scrunching back into the car, and scurrying back to the house, I went to straightening things out, so that husband would have a clean and lovely home for the time I am away. WOOT WOOT! 


I sat on my bag, grabbed all my gear, redressed like a dozen times, and off we went. At 9 in the morning. Now, to you, this might not be odd. Hey…home girl is off to the airport. How lovely.

Yeah. Sure it is.

I’m 6 hours ahead of schedule. Six. Hours. 

I’ll leave you with that squiggle of information as I get ready to go into the airport.


Millennial, do you wait until the last minute to pack? How come? What do you forget to pack frequently? Do you hustle and bustle in the mornings on the day of the trip, or are you relaxed and organized? Fill us in on the details of your choice of action in the comments below, Millennial. 


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