First Leg of Airplane Trip – Germany Trip 2016

fist-160958_640fist-160957_640The first leg of this trip experienced a little…wait for it…turbulence.

My seat was taken.

I waited patiently for my seat like I imagine most people do. I made sure to choose my seat online, and made sure to get one in the aisle so I could stretch my legs and get to the bathroom at will.

I waited again when they called zones. I was located in zone 3 or for those who don’t know the last zone they call to board the plane. It’s the weirdest thing when you think about it because it doesn’t make sense.

Why not board zone 3, or the back of the plane first, then load towards the front last? Everyone would get into the plane a lot faster, and we would all be just a little more happier to get on the plane. I mean, it’s not like we’re getting anything special, so why not let us have this small accolade? Yeah, first class paid more, but for what? Champagne and more room?pexels-photo-239466

So, I get on the plane, and realized at the last minute I was looking at the wrong boarding pass, and therefore the wrong seat number. I scramble back a few, hugging a few people who didn’t know the concept of moving out of the way or finding a solution to let people get back the way they came, and got to my seat, successfully.

Only, my seat was someone else’s seat.

“Oh! Did you have 14B? I have 11B. You can take that one.”

Hold up.


Sir…really. If you’re going to take someone’s seat, the least you could do was ask, and then to redirect me like you spoke to the stewardess and made the necessary changes beforehand was butt cheeks.

Me being nice and not really caring because I want to sit down and get out of here (and it was still an aisle seat), relinquished my seat and sat in 11B. Jokes on you other person, I got off the plane way earlier than he did. Hope he enjoyed 14B.


Let it also be mentioned that I really love the idea of flying, but I don’t like the feeling take off gives me. So, I wrote a little of my random thoughts here to settle my nerves.


  1. Things to NOT do when you’re traveling on a plane.
  2. Things to do when you’re traveling on a plane.
  3. How to stay calm while on the plane.

And I thought about my sugar. My sweetie peetie. As the Joker, from Suicide Squad so eloquently put it,

“[He’s] the fire in my loins. The itch in my crotch!”

And I do miss him. I look at the city, and I think that a piece of my heart is still here in America. He’s so frickin’ smart and amazing. I love his smile and the way he loves me. He is really my soulmate. We notice when we are far or close. We feel each other on a spiritual level.

I wish he was coming over with me, but alas…welp here comes the take off. I remember the first time I felt like this. I was running down a hill, and I felt my feet bounce off the ground and my body float with an air of weightlessness. That’s how I feel now…weightless. Going, going, going…


How are you trips, Millennial? Great or nah? Let us know about it below in the comments. 


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