Millennial Gift Ideas on a Budget – Christmas Edition

Come one, come all, Millennials! It’s about that time of year again to buy presents or make them yourself…or if it’s just that tight, to make phone calls to your list of loved/liked ones.

Give yourself a pat on the back, Millennial! We’re proud of you. You have decided to prepare yourself in advance for the impending madness that folks are consumed in when it comes to present treasure hunts. Although, you would like to join in on the fun, it’s not always possible, because when the money is funny, the bills are due, and you still want to get a gift, you don’t always have the right ideas.

Our Advice:

If you really don’t have a ton of dough, look at what you do have, who you really want to express some loving to this season, and then grab a couple of ideas below to help you this holiday season. Happy Gift Giving!

Christmas Caroling/Karaoke/Lip Synchand-977641_640

Mariah Carey can sing loud and proud, and so can you. Sing a jingle to the next person on your list. If you don’t know how to sing, no worries! Lip sync that thing! Really get into it. Grab some friends or coworkers and make it a thing around the office, store, or community.

Give nothing at all

If you have nothing to give, at the very least call your folks or text them. And if you’re one of those, “I don’t have a phone, parents, or anyone I like” kind of person, then maybe you should do yourself a favor and lend a hand around the city by volunteering (food banks, shelters – need help, especially around the holiday seasons).

Not having money is not an excuse for not helping someone out. Even if you’re only doing it to make yourself feel good, or out of straight boredom.

Massages/DIY Spa Daysmassage-therapy-1584711_640

Shopping until you drop has given you and others hard, husky feet. That does not sound attractive or exciting. If you don’t have a ton of ideas for Christmas, give some foot massages, pumice stone some old, crusty heels, and paint the nails of your friends who have had that same chipped paint since this summer. Wear gloves if you have them (no offense, fam and friends) and make sure to sanitize what tools you use before and after each use.

Christmas cards

Either store bought or DIY cards are great because you took the time to tell that special person that you are thinking about them, or that you hope they’re enjoying their Christmas. It doesn’t take a degree in rocket science to make them, and even if they are stick figure pictures, the fact that you put some effort into it can go a long way. Put some elbow grease into it and don’t skimp on the crayons/colored pencils if you have them. Tailor each card to the person you’re getting it for and let your creativity run the show.

Phone your Folks


Give your folks a shout out by phone to tell them you’re thinking about them for the season. In today’s all work, all day atmosphere, we get so caught up in our jobs, bills, spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends, the dog, the cat, the car, the bus, the covers, the healthcare, the political standing of our country…that we forget to say “Hey Dad and Mom…I miss you and I love you, too.” Or if you don’t have parents, choose a guardian, a role model, a someone to reach out to. It doesn’t have to be lengthy because I don’t like being on the phone for a long time, either, but make your presence known.

DIY or Print Out Holiday Coupons

There was once upon a time, where my husband and I didn’t have a ton of dough to go about globbing each other with gifts. In fact, we still don’t really do that on the holidays. We give around the year, so it’s not an intense need to do it on one specific day, barring our birthdays and even then…No Pressure.

When money was tight, DIY coupons were awesome little ways to express that “I still think you’re amazing and I was thinking about you,” without breaking the bank. I bought a bag of discount holiday tags that you put on the presents that say TO: and FROM:. Then I wrote little coupons inside like free spa day, get out of jail free card, etc.

They’re simple and again, tailored to the person who is getting them.

Go Dancing/Throw a Party

pexels-photo-239466If you know you have a group of likeminded party animals, throw a party. Make it a potluck, so each person has to bring something different. That way the hassle is not all on you to make it a good party. Just make sure to send invites ahead of time and get RSVPs so you know who’s coming and with what food item. It’s no fun to have a party and no food, or people for that matter.

Write a Letter

Old fashioned much?

Says who? (Well, maybe you, but you’re looking for ideas, so pipe down.)

Writing a letter or a note may seem cheesy, and in some respects, it can be, but like picking up the phone to call instead of texting, writing adds a more personal touch. You took the time to spill your heart vomit on the pages. It doesn’t have to be sappy, but the fact that you took an iota of your time to say “You Rock” on paper means a lot to some people.

food-686922_640Watch A Movie At Home

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Cuddle up at home with the peeps you hold dear. Make it a drive-in movie by using your garage. No garage? Get a tent. No tent Make a fort to watch your favorite movies. You can also get a bunch of blankets and pillows, then crash them out in the middle of a den or living room, and make a little spot to watch your shows. Grab some popcorn, some drinks, candy, a couple of blankets and a butt load of  movies to make the occasion special and lasting.

Make Dinner

Flip it and pop it and rub it down! Cook up a feast, or just make tacos. Christmas dinners don’t have to have turkeys, hams, and cranberry sauce with the good china. You can make it a theme based dinner if you want to, or an ugly Christmas sweater dinner, but do it for the laughs, not because you want to win the best host award. If the person you like can’t make it because of work or is just too lazy to come out, go to their house with the all classic “aluminum covered leftover plate”, and make the ride to them to share the meal.

Draw/Paint/Craft/Design Art



Need we say more? Macaroni art is not going out of style anytime soon. So what that your 2 year old cousin has the game on lock. If you know like I know, you better take a page from their book of arts and crafts, and design something. When you’re working with your hands, and you create things out of thin air that weren’t there before, people have a greater appreciation for them (if not…the problem doesn’t lie with you per se – unless you just made a really sucky gift with no time, effort, and you didn’t even sorta get close to what they like. Then, it is a bit of your own fault).

Gift Items That You Have In Your Home

You have tons of things that you have just lying about in your home that you were probably going to give away to a local thrift store. If you have the time, why not wash these items down, and consider gifting them to the people in your circle?

It’s obvious enough, but don’t go gifting what people don’t want, can’t use, or don’t need…if you’re a size 8, don’t give your great aunt Sarah/Mabel/Juny/Loretta (who is a size 16) your skinny jeans. That’s just rude.

And if someone already gave you the gift…don’t regift it back to the original person. Like who does that?


At the end of the day, gifts should come from the heart. They should be meaningful. You shouldn’t feel obligated or stressed about giving. If the other people don’t like the gift, well…they can lick rocks. You did your part, now go enjoy your Christmas, Millennial!

How goes it, Millennial? What do you plan to give for Christmas day or your specific Holiday? Got any budget friendly ideas…drop’em below. 




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