Holidays and The Dread You’ve Brought With Them


Who doesn’t like the holidays? Go down the list and get excited about the holidays have yet to pop up. You’re probably already planning the next holiday’s festivities.

For me, my favorite is Christmas. We celebrate the birth of the bomb diggity God in the flesh, Christ (woot woot!), and you’ve got to love the Christmas lights, the Christmas spirit (most people have), the desire to give to others, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t like to receive a gift or two as well?

Christmas is just chock full of so much flair and love…so why are you hating yourself right now?



In Paris, on the Pont des Arts, there was a tourist tradition to attach “love locks” on the bridge, and throw the key away. 

Since leaving for college and graduating this past year, it’s been eye opening to the traditions that I’ve held so dear. The way we grew up and celebrated holidays was a grand event, but slowly things change to accommodate the age.

Take Valentine’s Day for example:

Can you remember the day you went to school with candy packs and little Valentine’s Day cards for your class of 30 students?

Now, try and remember when that changed? When you stopped getting those little Valentine’s Day packs, and maybe started getting the little gifts for family and close friends only.

One more time, Millennial…think of when you maybe stopped getting a lot of toys, stuffed animals, and chocolates and then it became cute lingerie and panties? Or maybe just a kiss and peck? Or nothing at all?

You see how that just up and changed throughout the years? My husband still brings up the time he got me a Valentine’s bear with a white body and red heart nose….and I threw it away. In my mind, it was well past Valentine’s Day and I was growing out of stuffed animals. Come on! I mean, yeah, it was cute, but once it was time to get rid of some things before the new semester chimed it…lil’ Valentine’s bear had to go.

Different Priorities


Ultimately, things changed and people changed with it. Different priorities shaped the way I considered celebrating the holidays as I imagine it does for a lot of Millennials.

  1. Money was definitely a factor.
    1. After you’re on your own with bills…you really start appreciating living at home. Money doesn’t grow on trees and you have rent and utilities you’re trying to pay on time.
  2. Not being around family around the time really changed the dynamic.
    1. It’s hard to keep up with traditions when it’s only you or some of your close buddies don’t share your holiday routine.

You might start to feel obligated to buy family and friends gifts around the holidays, or indulge in traditions that you’ve outgrown (like believing in Santa Claus). That’s where you have to start drawing your lines in the sand.

A Line In The Sand


As a Millennial, you’re establishing yourself as a being to be reckoned with in the world and as you begin to figure out what is important to you, and what isn’t…your way of life is going to change.

If you’re starting to feel bad about not being able to get someone a gift because it’s either a gift for them or 20 bucks towards your electric bill (and yes, every penny counts if you’re working for 9 bucks an hour)…then maybe you need to drop the tradition, or consider rolling back to the macaroni art and thoughtful notes you had in elementary and middle school.

Millennial Gift Ideas on a Budget

If you really don’t have a ton of dough, look at what you do have, who you really want to express some loving to this season, and then grab a couple of ideas below to help you this holiday season.

  1. Give nothing at all*
    1. *If you have nothing to give, consider numbers 2, 3,
  2. A card
    1. Either store bought or DIY, you took the time to with your stick figure folks to give someone else a smile.
  3. Give your folks a shout out by phone to tell them you’re thinking about them for the season.
  4. DIY or print out holiday coupons
    1. There was once upon a time, where my husband and I didn’t have a ton of dough to go about globbing each other with gifts. In fact, we still don’t really do that on the holidays. We give around the year, so it’s not an intense need to do it on one specific day, barring our birthdays and even then…no pressure. And when money was tight, DIY coupons were awesome little ways to express that I still think you’re amazing and I was thinking about you, without breaking the bank. I bought a bag of discount holiday tags that you put on the presents that say TO: and FROM:. Then I wrote little coupons inside like free spa day, get out of jail free card, etc.
  5. And if you need a bit more help we also have a more comprehensive listing here: Millennial Gift Ideas on a Budget – Christmas Edition


PLEASE NOTE: No matter the season. By no means should you be made to feel like a trout or stressed out about giving to others. It defies the point of giving. You should feel happy, excited, and thoughtful about the gift you give. After all, wouldn’t you feel terrible if someone gave you a gift because they had to, not because they wanted to? Doesn’t sound like much of genuine gift.

God gave Christ his son to save people. Not because He had to, but because He wanted to give us another option for life. A joyous one with redemption and abundant living.

So, I follow suit. Who cares if it’s after Christmas? As a receiver of a gift, barring your birthday…isn’t it nice to receive gifts just because?


Tell us your feelings about it, Millennial? Are you about that cause? Does it matter if you get the presents now or later? Comment your thoughts below. 


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