Rental Assistance and Other Ways To Pay Bills

There are worse things night-office-shirt-mailthan facing an eviction, or wondering how you’re going to pay utilities, like your light bill, water, and gas. However, if you’ve been raise Polly Anna Perfect, and you’ve never been in a situation where you’ve had to pay bills, let alone know what they are…not being able to pay your bill(s) can come as a very difficult pill to swallow. Even seasoned vets in this area don’t always cope well with this issue.

Can you imagine working your little fingers to the bone, jostling 2 and 3 jobs, babysitting, donating plasma, and everything else just to make sure you’re paying rent? It’s interesting to me that so many people look at those who are poor and label them as lazy.

As a recent college graduate, I work.

Not just to help pay utilities, but to combat the monster that is Sallie  Mae, who insists I’m more than capable of paying 400+ on payments just to meet the minimum requirement before they tack on more interest. Add on top of that rent, power, water, gas, insurance, the one secured credit card we keep to build credit, groceries, and any other bills that happen to pop up (medical bills, dental bills, new car tires, oil changes, etc.). That stuff adds up. To be told I’m not doing enough, is frustrating and insulting. Yeah, I have a husband who contributes as well, but it makes you just want to start doing the most immoral things to make ends meet.

We say that to say this…We’ve been there and the feeling ain’t pretty.

“Well, why don’t you ask your parents?”

Really? That’s the best you can come up with? Of course I could ask them, but there’s something about paying your own bills that makes you feel accomplished. Although, if I’m really in a pickle, I’ll ask, but they’re not my go to. They’ve helped us this far…I would feel ashamed to ask for more. I’m not above parental help, but it’s the last resort.

If you’re up to your eyeballs in trying to figure out this money thing, there are some ways you can get that money honey. These options are legal and do not require you to go stripping for money…although the thought has popped up once or twice (Thanks to the Social Media Strippers and their odd need to show you how much money they collected twerking their tail feather…I digress).

  1. Get on
    1. We did an article on Working from Home awhile ago –> Working From Home article – and upon signing up, working with UserTesting seemed to take such a long time to get results from them. However, upon closer examination, it just takes a watchful eye. They post surveys up frequently depending on your star rating (the better your thoroughness as it relates to speaking about the sites and apps, the higher your star rating) and the payout isn’t bad. In fact, we racked up about 30 bucks in 3 days just giving honest feedback via phone or computer on beta websites. The money is sent to your PayPal account within 7 days of you submitting your feedback and you can use either an Android/iPhone or a Windows/Mac computer to complete the tests.
  2. BabySitting
    1. or good ol’ fashioned flyers around your neighborhood to advertise your childcare services isn’t such a bad thing when you need the extra dough. You can go to the home of the child(ren), or if you prefer, you can do it out of your home. Make sure if you are doing the babysitting out of your home, that you have the proper credentials/licensing and insurance according to your state and region, and that your home is ready to accommodate child care.
  3. Donate Plasma
    1. You can donate blood, but you don’t get paid for that. Donating plasma can get you some money! The initial time you go, there may be a 2 hour wait because you have to register yourself for the process. After that, depending on the time you go, the staff available…you can get in and out within an hour – hour and a half. It sounds like a lot, but consider you can donate twice a week, and get some money to get you some food, or put some money towards that phone bill. Check out places like Octapharma.
  4. 211
    1. People have spoken about the 411, but 211 is assistance for those who are in need of emergency funds to help with potential evictions and utility payment problems. Don’t go unless you’re really in dire straits. Be prepared for long lines, and a back laden with humility. It’s also important to have all your information (Driver’s license, past due bills, social, and other important documents – found on their site here), so that you can get faster service. Everything is done on a emergency basis – so the more urgent your matter, the sooner you’ll be seen. They don’t do first come – first served.
  5. Tutor
      1. You can tutor from home or do it in person. Find your niche and go help the ones who have no idea what they’re doing. You can get 10 – 50 dollars an hour depending on your credentials, experience, and skill set.
  6.  Uber or Lyft
    1. You may not like riding much….if so, get over your life. You want some money to pay bills and chauffeuring Phee Phee and Luka around town isn’t going to hurt to get a extra 100 – 200 in your pocket.
  7. Arise
    1. You can work as an independent contractor to start making revenue with Fortune 500 companies like Carnival and Apple. You may not know what an independent contractor is, but if you can do sales and customer service work, this can be right up your alley. A lot of the work is done at home; you just need a working, Windows computer, phone service, and internet to get you started.

Need more ideas – check out our Working From Home article again for some other ideas.


Comment on how it’s going Millennials. Any luck or ideas on how to make some money to pay off a bill quickly? Keep it clean. 


4 thoughts on “Rental Assistance and Other Ways To Pay Bills

  1. thatzimgirl says:

    Can I just say how much I appreciate your blog?? I just kinda stumbled upon it and from the minute I started reading your tag line I was like YES lol the relevance is real. I started blogging to combat the depression of not knowing what I wanted to do right after graduation and everyone asking constantly what was next. This particular post is awesome cause I know I’ve thought of many illegal routes to get money home every now and then hahaha


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