Parties? Say What, Hunty?

This is me at a party

As an introvert, I tend to avoid parties with crowds of people I don’t know. On the chances I do know you, and well enough to partake in the turn up…our parties would be like an hour long. If they’re past an hour, we’re watching movies or talking about some topics that are so deep, you’d need an oxygen tank to really get into it. 

Interestingly enough, my husband is a total get in the mix, stir the pot, be the party, extrovert type of guy. Of course he’s a DJ and as his wifey I seek to encourage and support his endeavors. But, the parties…Jesus certainly has to be there as a lifeline, an IV drip, breath mints, my BFF, and the hand that keeps my foot out of my mouth. 

Hubby looking suave as always

Like, take tonight. 

We’re at a comedy show. Well, I’m at a comedy show watching him be fantabulous on the 1s and 2s. 

“Mix and mingle,” they say. 

“Drink up,” they say. 


Meanwhile, stage left, I’m looking at these chairs to form a fort big enough to fit myself inside without falling and making an unwanted scene. My mission: to fall asleep. Not that cute princess sleep. I am desrious of that drool on my cheek that turns white type of sleep. That sloppy, snoring like a beast sleep. Yeahhhh. You know what I’m talking about.

Alas…hubby has the keys and a protective no sleeping in the car without locked doors and my eye on you policy. 

So, I’ll sit here. And write you. And hope to blog (hehe) you’re not here with me. No quite literally…at the party. Not in spirit. 

Could you believe that? You reading this post, staring at the woman sitting on the ground, near a window, eyes deep into rereading and rewriting this post. You may attempt to walk over, but prepare for a breezy cold shoulder and a loss of interest. 

Why? Because if you attempt to engage in my least favorite talk…small (the weather, how ya doing, how’s work?) I will do what only an introvert can do…smile weakly, chuckle without necessary cause and say, “Fine.” 

Until next time. 

(I don’t want to be rude. The comedy show is about to start. Oh crap! Is the comedian about to make a joke. About. Me?)

How’s your party, Millennial? Do you rock the mic, right? Or suck terribly at engaging in the party scene? Spill the beans below. 


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