I Graduated…and Still Don’t Have A Clue


BWAAAaaaaa Hahahahahaa.

I’m laughing. I’m laughing because it’s funny that you don’t have a clue.

I’m also laughing because we’ve been there.

Society, parents, students…pretty much everyone is caught on the idea that after you graduate, you’ll magically have this job that everyone is going to care about. You’ll change the world, make lots of money, pay off student loans, buy your parents a house, buy you a house, you’ll do cool stuff, take vacations around the world, have unlimited time at home, and a bunch of other perks that should just be given to you for spending 4 – 10 years at some college gaining seemingly valuable information.

But now…it’s pushing 6 months to a year…and quite frankly…being at school was the best thing that you were doing with your time. To be honest, you probably want to go back to no bills (or at least immediate ones), someone cooking your food, a place to stay…so on and so forth. Oh…and you know…you felt like you had a purpose. A reason to keep running forward. You had a goal and that was to graduate. Now, you graduated. What now?

No idea?


Here’s some advice from your fellow Millennials!

  1. Minimum wage/entry level jobs: I would say that everything is fine okay, but Sallie Mae is probably already beating at your door due to the 6 months that they give to get your life together and maybe get a job so you can pay them back, so I’m not gonna it’s okay. So, hurry up and get a job , quickly. At this point, don’t do anything illegal, but get something minimum wage, or an entry level job in a field you like. That way you don’t start to be overwhelmed and full of pity about not getting anything done. It’s not the start you wanted, but it’s a start nonetheless gaining invaluable experience.
    1. Check out some of our links like Working From Home
    2. Look for odd jobs in your area.
      1. Note: Remember to be safe and have common sense when you go looking for a job. If it appears shady, asks for personal information like your social security number on an unsecured or unprotected site (like Craigslist), or your gut feeling is screaming no…Be a good listener. Don’t do it! This is for anything you do. Do it at your own risk and stop if you need to.
  2. Internships: Engage in the right internships, no matter where you have to go….that is the key. You may not be making the money you want, but it’s a foot in the door.
  3. Go to the Military: They’ve got benefits (insurance coverage, food, etc) and you get a job, potentially working where you’ve always dreamed. Depending on the job you get, that can translate to work outside of the military. Plus you’re working for a bigger cause other than yourself and in many cases there’s travel involved. It may not be your first thought, but it’s certainly an option to consider in the long run.
  4. Test taking: Whether you’re going to the military or thinking about grad/med school…Work on your test taking skills and brush up on some of the information in your field to keep a grab on it. That way when you start interviewing you don’t forget important concepts that are vital to your employment.
  5. Exploration/Observation: Explore all opportunities in your field and while you intern, observe the people doing the work you aspire to do to make sure this is really what you want.
  6. Talk to your professors/mentors: You may think they don’t want to talk to you anymore after you leave the school, but professors are wells of information. They know about the internships, the programs, and have more than enough contacts if you want to get into a particular field of study. Use your resources.
  7. Post your resume: Post your credentials on Indeed, LinkedIn, USAJOBS.gov and other sites that can help employers get in touch with you. Shoot for the stars and make that resumé pop.
  8. Roommates: There is no shame with moving back in with your parents, or getting roommates. It’s just whether or not you’re still staying there 30 years down the line. Living with your parents could mean reduced rent and utilities for one thing, and it’s a great place to get your head on straight to plan a successful road

These are a couple of ideas to get you started. Don’t be upset about them because you’ve already thought about it smarty pants. These are just that. Starter ideas. You won’t get a clear idea of where to go or what you like/don’t like until you start going somewhere. It’s time to start putting the rubber to the road. You may not like doing some of the work, but sometimes life gets uncomfortable for you, so you can start buckling down to make some necessary life-changing decisions. Get the terrible, uncomfortable parts done now, so that you can live how you want to live later.


Got some other ideas Millennial? Post them below so we can all benefit from your knowledge.


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