I’m Jelly About Your Life At The Moment 


I’m jealous. Fricking furious. Upset. About to start busting over tables and knocking down chairs because I am so over scrolling down my newsfeed to see your many pictorial blessings.

Oh! Don’t you judge me! Hell yeah, I’m mad. Mad at me. Mad because

  1. No, I’m not there, yet, with a baby on the dern way.
  2. I’m mad because we don’t have a house we could possibly call our own, yet.

Yes. We’re grateful for what we have, but what’s so wrong about being mad about not being where you want to be? Why can’t I voice it? Am I supposed to simmer slow in a corner about it? Should I hide it behind the fake smile I give you as I muster up the strength and geniune happiness that would easily come for myself to say ‘Congratulations’?


Tell me, hunty. Tell me. Because apparently, it’s easier to just say, “It’s gonna be alright. You’ll get yours in a little while.”

I got that. I’ve said that to other people. That’s all well and fine, but what about sitting at the table with this crap? What about just facing the music and saying “I’m mad about it!”

People say you shouldn’t get upset, but forget that. I’m enraged! I want to be successful 10 minutes ago and with my definition of success. The one that is the love child of the American and Jesus’s dream of my life. That’s the success I desire and right now.

I’m fuming because I don’t have it. And yes, I know the logic thing to feel right now, but I want this moment to feel like Sugar Honey Iced Tea.


The lesson learned. The point…be upset, just don’t be stupid and do stupid crap in your anger. Oh! And don’t wallow in it for too long. So, let me have this moment already.


(My angry grunt…because sometimes you should be able to make weird noises that voice your disgust.)


Need a moment…grab a bar of something yummy and fume for a bit with me, Millennial. Then we’ll get over it in a little bit. 


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