You Choose To Be Ugly


As humans, we’re given so many choices.

Oftimes we scowl at our list of choices and feel limited by the rules that dictate our individual lives…but the choices or moments where you can insert two cents, make that decision wisely.

We were sitting on a bench waiting to complete some paperwork later for work, and as we sat, a little girl accompanied us. She was cute and about 5 years old.

After sitting for about 10 minutes, the little girl had acquired more then her share of compliments and hellos, most of which weren’t prompted by her.

Note: I didn’t care to the extremity of challenging a 5 year old to how many times someone can say ‘Hi’ to me vs her in a span of another 5 minutes. That would be super petty.

However, it brought up something.


Why is it we’ll regard children, who we don’t know, with an endearing care and affection, going out of our way to make them happy, but when it comes to random, adult strangers…we lose our voice, our personality? We walk right by each other without acknowledgement.

We were sitting down by the girl for just as long and didn’t receive a ‘Hi’, ‘How are you?’, ‘You’re so beautiful!’

I know, that sounds weird, but why was it okay to compliment a 5 year old, a girl you don’t know, but to say it to someone who is 20, 30, 40+, the tone takes on a extremely serious game of Ignoring You and Avoid Eye Contact? 

An adult is a larger, more mature child. The little girl will eventually grow up to be older, and then what? Will she get her approval card to ignore and blankly stare past people? When will that be reciprocated?


The point.

You have the choice to speak and receive compliments, hellos, you’re lovelies, and a bunch of other socially acceptable catch phrases. Therefore, you should take the time to not be uptight and willing to kill with your laser sight every person that you walk past and who walks past you.

Kindness is a choice and if we all stopped and did a hard reboot of the bad experiences that made us a bunch of tightwads, we’d be so much more nice to one another.

Think of the suicides, the depression, and the loneliness a lot of us feel.

We say nothing about our problems because we’re making choices (knowingly or unknowingly) to be distant, guarded, defeated, rejected, and sorrowful. We stand at a distant with arms outstretched, creating an invisible BACK OFF forcefield, so we don’t bump and touch one another out of fear.

It’s tough sometimes, but you don’t have to choose to be petty all the time, to be gross all the time, to be unaccommodating all the time.

You choose to be ugly. It’s time to consider the alternative.


Have you been acting ugly lately, Millennial? Drop the ugliness below and let’s endeavor to leave it here instead of allowing it to sprinkle on our daily lives. 


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