Simple Tip To Break Bad Habits

Yup! It's Monday, or at least it was when we wrote this post. We're sure you've gotten tons of motivational memes and talks to help you KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE for this work week. Why not one more to help you grow a wee bit, matey?! When it comes to bad habits it's easy to … Continue reading Simple Tip To Break Bad Habits


Not Impressed With Your Social Media Success

Okay. Time for the heavy eye roll. Side note: This is the flip side for the folks who post the success, but don't give any indication to the rest of us on how you got there.  So, you bought a car? Big damn deal. got a house! Tell me something I don't already know. You just … Continue reading Not Impressed With Your Social Media Success

Seeing Color

"I don't see color." "I mean, we're all the human race." "Black Lives Matter...that just seems so one sided. What about the other ones?" Millennials, this is a moment in our history books where we need you to stop being so deep that you look stupid. If you're not black, or any current race that … Continue reading Seeing Color