Life After Facebook

Ever looked at your life and said, “It’s time for a change?”

That’s gotta be like 20 chapters in a Millennials book of life.

Want to know how to purge and break ties from your social media woes? You know Millennial Mania is here to help you to make a clean break.

Know why you need the social media purge. If you don’t know why you’re doing this, you’re more likely to question your motives in the middle of your social media fast. Not sure how to be honest with yourself? Get an unbiased friend or family member you trust to tell you about your good and ugly traits.


Figure Out A Timeline. How long do you need? Be realistic. It takes 3 days to break a habit and another 21 days to establish a new one. However, according to University College London the average to establish that habit could be as long as 66 days. Go worse case. Everyone likes to think they’re better than what they are, but sometimes you’re as average as a sack of potatoes.


Get someone to keep you accountable. Even if it’s just telling someone, you need to have someone tell you to get your buns off Facebook. And even if they don’t say anything to you, a lot of people don’t want to disappoint an audience, so you’ll steer clear of your social media if you feel you’ll be scrutinized for being a flake on what you said.


Make it hard to get. Take the shortcuts off your phone, log out of the social media apps, and delete the passwords and usernames to your accounts. You’ve probably had them on auto sign-in. The longer it takes you to get into your vices, the more irritated with the process you’ll become. Therefore helping to avoid keeping tabs on the boo you didn’t really need anyway.


Occupy yourself with something else. A lot of times we reach for the phone because we’re bored to tears. Stop And rethink your choice. Go do something productive. Clean the dishes in the sink, or clean the toilet That’s growing a ring around it. Better yet, start tackling the issues you feel like you have with you and your situation.


Take the time to evaluate why you felt the need to compare yourself to others or gripe about another’s success. A lot of times it has to do with you feeling as if you should be in that position, but for whatever excuses you can conjure you’re not there. Write a list of the things you know you complain about or find yourself spewing venom at online and take a hard look at the list of things you wish you had.

To show you how doable it is, we’ll even plow through this with you.


Total commitment Millennial Maniacs!

Are you ready to she’d some social media pounds? If so, tell us how you think it’ll benefit you and one way you think you’ll need help staying focused below in the comments, MManics. 


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