Not Impressed With Your Social Media Success

Okay. Time for the heavy eye roll.


Side note: This is the flip side for the folks who post the success, but don’t give any indication to the rest of us on how you got there. 

So, you bought a car? Big damn deal.

Ooooouuuu….you got a house! Tell me something I don’t already know.

You just got a business. So, did a bunch of other folks.

Ya’ll just had your third baby. I don’t have anymore baby blankets to give.

You want to impress us? Share how you got from point A to point B. And if there were 10 other points in there, I want to know that, too. Don’t give us a success story without the dirty details.


Tell us how you scrapped for the past 2 years, working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week to get your new ride. Rage about how you went through every realtor and lender in your state until you found someone who would give you a loan to help you get your new home. Dish out the deets on how you got your natural hair done so well in this 90% humidity and stop getting your panties stuck in a bunch when we ask how to slay, too.

Getting to the next level isn’t always a cake walk, and encouragement should come in several productive forms. One of those being: as a poster on social media understand your responsibility to help us know how to get to another level. 

Don’t give me that celebrity BS about how “If you don’t like it get off my page,” or “Stop hating on my success,” or “That’s not my job. I didn’t ask to be your role model”. No one is hating on your success or asking you to be the next Michelle Obama, but what good is the climatic victory story if the foreplay it took to get there has been completely scratched out?

What do you have to hide?


Sure. I suppose, it’s none of our business, but then again, you took the liberty to tell us how great you are. Now tell us how to get there, too. Do a little Paying It Forward and we’ll be careful not to be a bunch of gossiping, judgmental harpies.



Are you through with hearing the success, but not getting the how-to on how to be great, too? We feel ya! Drop some knowledge on the next set of folks in the comments below, if you have some questions, our strong group of Millennials have tons of answers. Tootles! 


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