Seeing Color

blindfolded-2025474_640.png“I don’t see color.”

“I mean, we’re all the human race.”

“Black Lives Matter…that just seems so one sided. What about the other ones?”

Millennials, this is a moment in our history books where we need you to stop being so deep that you look stupid.

If you’re not black, or any current race that is being discriminated against, ostracized, spit on, beaten, banned, or attacked…you need to take two seats, a sleeping pill, and go sleepy bye.

How fitting it is that Lady Justice stands high with her scale, shielding her eyes, boasting of her ability to judge without bias.


I suppose she’s not supposed to see color, creed, or wealth either…but her scales always seem to tip in your favor. Have you paid Lady Justice off like you have everyone else? Does she know something I don’t know?


Of course these issues aren’t going to mean anything to you because they don’t affect you directly. They don’t pierce into your being. They’re not going to be engraved in your mind as you walk up the street or even leech into the lives of your unborn babies. Nope. Not even a little. Why?

Because when we black and brown walk up the street towards you, they don’t shudder and shuffle to the other side. They don’t have hushed whispers of “honky” or “cracker” on their tongue when singing a song or looking at you in the shopping mall. They don’t follow you around the store wondering if you’re stealing Pokemon cards or committing some type of check or food stamp fraud. They don’t assume you’re carrying a weapon.

In fact, we don’t do a lot of things with you because you’re deemed “normal”, “pretty”, “sophisticated”, and “worthy” in our society. It’s easy to tell people they’re being irrational, petty, and unreasonable when you’ve written the script and dictate what life should and shouldn’t be for all castes.

Therefore, it doesn’t pain us to say this in the least when we tell you to shut up about not seeing color. 

It doesn’t make you politically correct or on the right side of things. In fact, it puts you well behind enemy lines. You’ve fixed your fort to say “I don’t want to put my opinion in the wagon, per se, but I don’t want to seem like I don’t care either.”

Those words are peanuts unfit for even birds to eat.


“I don’t see color” puts you in a neutral zone, which isn’t what we need right now. Sure we’re all apart of the human race, but if even one of us is failing, doesn’t the entire structure feel the pain of its foot soldier? Or for those who have trouble understanding the idea…take this metaphor:

Your body is comprised of different parts: ears, legs, toes, hair, etc. If you stub your pinky toe, aren’t you as a person affected as a whole? Don’t you scrunch up your face and scream or wallow on the floor for a moment for the pain to subside? If it’s bleeding, you tend to it, wash it, cover it, and take care to make sure that the pinky toe is okay before continuing on about your day. God forbid if you break the toe. Then you’re running to hospitals to get it bandaged up and complaining why it’s taking so long to get your pinky toe some help. Who cares if it’s your pinky toe? It’s your toe and it hurts!

Take a gander at what we are? We’re the pinky toe. Us! The brown, black, kinky, thick’ems of this U. S. of A. When we hurt, all should hurt. This whole country should be writing in pain. How is it, we’re more focused on racing to find a cure for cancer, but we cringe at the thought of standing up for our fellow brothers and sisters of color? Oh, but it’s okay if you listen to our music, rape our culture, and misappropriate our fashion, hairstyles, and colloquial terms?

You don’t get to pick and choose.

If we’re part of the human race, where are the others? Where is the aid? Don’t you feel us here?

Perhaps you feel as if you’re neutrality falls in the unbiased zone. That to be on neither side gives you an advantage, that it takes you out of the game, or somehow clearsjustice-683942_640
your conscience. Or maybe you think that it makes you more open-minded and fair to all. If you’re tipping the scales to give someone else an advantage, but pulling the towel from underneath one group at the same time…you’re not fair, unbiased, or neutral. You’ve clearly picked your side.

If ALL lives matter, and your neutral way of thinking was going so well, then where the heck were you guys when we were being gunned in the street and told we couldn’t come into this country because we were of a certain ethnicity?

Excuse me?!

All lives didn’t matter then.

How dare you toot your lips up to say anything out of pocket about the struggle of several thousands of us who are scratching and pulling at the heartstrings of not just our tattered government, but people who we thought had a heart for all of us…since ALL lives matter.

Stop sitting on your high horses, 10 millions miles away, telling us that race doesn’t matter, that you don’t see color, and that declaring equality for a specific race is racist.

If you’re not infiltrating this nonsense from behind enemy lines and helping us to abolish and dismantle the foundation of hatred from the inside out, then you’re not feeling the pain of the metaphorical American pinky toe. You’re shooting it full of morphine, taping it off, and hoping the pain will stop on it’s own.


  • A Millennial Maniac


What do you think Millennials? Is it wrong to say you don’t see color? How does that affect you and your ethnic group. Tell us the deets below in the comments, like our page here, and share if you liked our topic of discussion today! 


5 thoughts on “Seeing Color

  1. Jay Colby says:

    This is so true it seems like it hard for other races to umderstand this. I’m starting an online publication to discuss these type of topics so more people can get an understanding of the truth. Thanks for sharing this!

    Liked by 1 person

    • MillennialMania says:

      Thanks so much Colby! It’s so important to get understanding. We often take on the habits, traditions, and knowledge of our forebears without asking why and/or neglect getting an understanding from those on the opposing side who we so vehemently hate. As a result we’re hateful, bitter, and ignorant. I applaud your focus of bringing insight to the blind and helping fix the focus of the masses, good sir. #KeepCalmAndMillennialOn

      Liked by 1 person

      • MillennialMania says:

        Thanks all! We welcome your comments and love on our site! They say it takes a village to train the up and coming newbies. So, why not share the knowledge and wealth from others who have gone through It? Thanks again for stopping by and we hope to hear from you again soon. #MillennialMania


    • says:

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