Simple Tip To Break Bad Habits


Yup! It’s Monday, or at least it was when we wrote this post.

We’re sure you’ve gotten tons of motivational memes and talks to help you KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE for this work week.

Why not one more to help you grow a wee bit, matey?!

When it comes to bad habits it’s easy to get caught up in ditching the habit first and then attempting to start the good habit. Instead, start establishing the new habit in your life, and in reasonable baby steps. 

A lot of people think they’re better than what they are or that they can easily beat the average statistic. but they procrastinate and push off their goals when they have a slip up or forgot to make change.

Stop punishing yourself. You’re doing the work and restarting the marker or indulging in your bad habits because you messed up anyway isn’t exhibiting your self-control.

Long story made way short:

Make a reasonable goal for each day that is centered around doing the opposite of what you would usually do regarding your bad habit.


ex: If you like to eat a box of snickerdoodles, your goal may be to eat only half of that box, or 2/3 of that box.

Yeah, you’re still eating a mostly full box of snickerdoodles, but small progress is better than none at all. Keep decreasing the amount
in conscious efforts to get to where you want.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, getting our house is taking more than 6 years to do, graduating from college doesn’t happen overnight, and getting out of student loan debt can certainly take longer than the minutes it took to get out of it.

Keep your habits in perspective and do what you can.


Got any quick tips to give to Millennials? Drop your comments below, like, and share so we can share that Millennial butter love to everyone. 



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