We Switched To Verizon – The Chick Fil A of Cell Companies

Take in mind, Verizon hasn’t sponsored or paid us to speak this truth.

Usually, I feel completely loyal to a group of brands until another one pops up that provides a better deal. 

Having Sprint as our mobile network was working nicely. With the occasional issue, slow or fluctuating data speeds, and a problem with the bill every now and again, you start to think that everyone has these problems. Just as long as they’re sorted out, it isn’t that bad because you don’t have to pay too much compared to other companies. 

However, after much coaxing from the husband and a week of researching (on his part), we decided to make the calculated decision to switch to Verizon. 

At first, I wasn’t too excited about their prices, but we got them at a great time. Their rates were lowered to stick up with the competition…Good ol’ Verizon had smashed down the price to keep business. 

Oh praise, God! 

Not only did we get the newest phones on the market, unlimited talk, text, and data, but we got it for a great stinking deal! 

And by deal I mean:

  • Verizon paid for us to get out of our contract with Sprint, including lease pricing for one of our phones (through reimbursement)
  • We have two lines for 100 bucks on the unlimited plan (compared to the 160 from our Sprint plan for the same thing)
  • $200 gift certificate (I know, right?)
  • Trade In Value for our old phones to further decrease our service bill (Hello?!)
  • Added Bonus: Best Buy gave us two Samsung VRs and remote controls with our Samsung phones (so what it’s gonna take 6 to 8 weeks by mail…it was free.)

    And talk about customer service?!


    Verizon took the time to explain concepts that I or my husband didn’t comprehend with the patience of a monk taking a hot spring soak while getting a deep tissue massage. 

    Our bill layout is intuitive and gives us break downs of what we’re paying and worse case scenario pricing. Like who does that? It made us feel so secure. 

    I felt so well understood and my problems were resolved on the first call. Talking to them was so pleasant. I didn’t feel bullied or passed on to the next representative. They’re like the Chick Fil A of cell phone companies. 

    Can the church say amen?! 

    Compared to Sprint, who acted a donkey when I said I was canceling our service, Verizon was like a handmade gift of fluff and just born baby smell. Check out the story here to glimpse those shenanigans. 
    With cheerful hearts and full wallets we say farewell Sprint…Helloooooo Verizon: the wireless phone service of greatness. 

    Ready to switch? Which phone carrier do you have now? Would you switch? What would you do differently? Speak your peace, like, and share, Millennials! 


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