Stop Asking Me Why I’m Not Pregnant Yet

Because it makes me want to cry one day and chuck marbles at you the next. 

Lord knows, I’ve wanted to have a family since I was knee high. Swinging my toy baby, feeding her, putting her in the little bassinet. I enjoyed my make believe husband getting home from work eating my four course dinner and then canoodling me before kissing our baby sweetly. 

Yeah, shawty. I had my storyline down pat. 

Then, actual relationship life hit.

You know the part where you get a job and find out the price of pampers and baby formula. Shoot. Find out the price to have a baby in a hospital and you may decide to hold off for another year. 

Added to the brief and sometimes expansive lecture from my down-to-earth, realistic husband and you’ve got yourself a bonafide birth control method. 

Let’s make sure we have enough for ourselves and the extra expense of a child.

Take your time and get to know your partner in marriage. 

We don’t want to live in the hood, so to be comfortable…we need to make sure we’re established first. 

Yeah. I know. 

It hurts my heart, sometimes because I know what I want, but I also know what our unborn baby needs right now. Mommy and Daddy want to make sure our kiddos are arriving and living in a stress free and loving environment where as a husband and wife we’re confident in our love and relationship. 

That we’ve built a Jesus centered foundation and are prepared to equally and successfully embark on the journey of parenthood knowing each other’s buttons, and confidence boosters. That we know how we want to raise our babies and our contigency plans. We’ve even spoken about adoption, discipline and the foods our kids will eat. 

As my period zooms by another month, give me and other non-moms a break. For our personal reasons we’re waiting and don’t desire a reminder of the baby we don’t have, yet, or desire to have at all.  


Cool beans holes. 

Do you like it when people questioin your vagina hole’s ability to push out a kid? Have a field day in the comments. Like and share, dear Millennials. 


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