No Sugar…Of Course There Are Jobs We Can Apply To

…the sad part is of those 4 million STEM jobs, how many of them require you to have additional levels of degrees/experience to get them?

Plus the tons of recent and current graduates. That makes for a handful of that 4 million jobs that are open to a jillion grads and folks with experience.

Oh and BTW…don’t compare the fame and moolah that you as a celebrity make compared to that of a scientist. 

Cool. We don’t need amother Lebron, but this world doesn’t make being the next Albert Einstein or Alexander Graham Bell luxurious. 

Whooooo! Don’t be a model or an NBA star because there are tons of science jobs that need to be filled. 

Low key, you’re giving me the cool let down like the pretty girl telling the nerd that she can’t go with him to prom because her vagina has a cold. 

We know being great requires hardwork and dedication to your skill, but don’t diminish or make small your work on a 30 second commercial to convince me to go after jobs that appear to be there, but with their varying limitations, low paychecks, and grueling hours are practictically impossible to receive. 

You can miss us with it. 

Like, share, and post your comments below Millennials and have a superbly amazing rest of your day. Ciao!


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