As a Millennial, we often have a lot of brain farts and our worlds seem much like a slew of rapidly changing ideas about where to go and how to get there, yet we’re super excited about the unknown or ridiculously terrified. Add in the parties, the exercise, the adventure, and trips galore and it’s hard to fathom how we keep it all together.

We’re here to help each other out. With our shared tips, strategies, tricks, and methods we’ll be awesome and loving, encouraging and helpful. We’re a group of Millennials, and dern it, we deserve to be happy, as well as, productive. Being grown up doesn’t have to mean boredom and a dreary, terrible life with an old hag of a spouse and tens of thousands of gremlin children. There is a way to live life abundantly and Millennial Mania is a great way to begin your journey or to grab a life jacket if you’re already waste deep in it.